Michigan's Most Haunted Bridges - Oakwood Avenue Bridge in Owosso #hauntedbridges

The Oakwood Avenue bridge was built in 1876 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company
Adjacent to the Kiwanis Park this is a pedestrian only bridge over the Shiawassee River.

This Whipple through truss bridge was once open to vehicular traffic but when a new bridge was built on Gould Street in 1975 the Oakwood was turned into a local landmark perfect for leisurely strolls.

At some point after becoming a footbridge it was repainted blue after years of being a salmon pink color giving it the nickname, the Pink Bridge.

Photographer Nathan Holth

An old urban legend claims that two young lovers decided to end their lives by jumping off the bridge.

No one knows why these 18 years decided to create suicide pact or exactly when this occurred though https://99wfmk.com/ claims the story happened around 1900.

For years people have claimed to see apparitions of the two young lovers on the bridge. Others have seen a horrific replay of their suicide. The two seem to be doomed to repeat their deaths over and over again.

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