Witchin Wednesday- Coloring Book of Shadows: Tarot Journal

Here's another fabulous book by Amy Cesari. 

Are you a Tarot beginner? 

This book will help take your Tarot readings to the next level. 

This book has helped me so much. I've always been more into my Oracle cards because memorizing the meanings of a gazillion Tarot cards was overwhelming. But the Tarot Journal has helped me really connect with the cards. 

Want to find more magic and inspiration in your tarot cards?

Explore richly illustrated note pages, tarot spreads, spells, and much more as you follow your own intuitive path in this enchanting tarot journal.

With over 100 pages of original illustrations to color, versatile dot-grid note pages, and plenty of ideas to get started or continue your practice, this book is a creative canvas for you to inspire and enliven your tarot card readings.- 

Over 100 pages of original illustrations to color

- Over 60 illustrated note pages with dot-grid (0.5 cm, lightly printed)
- Concise beginner’s instructions on how to read your tarot cards
- 10 pages of tarot spreads and ritual ideas
- Journaling prompts and ideas on how to create your own tarot spreads
- Tarot card keyword “quick reference” pages
- Illustrations are printed on one side of the page (with light dot-grid on the back)
- A handy 7”x10” journal sizeLet your magic unfold as you write, color, create, and follow your intuition in this unique tarot journal.


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