Witch Crafts - DIY Yule Log


I had planned to write an extensive post about Yule, the history of the Yule log, and create a really gorgeous log and write up a coordinating tutorial.

Well, the season got away from me and tomorrow is Yule.

And nothing I planned to do was done. *Sigh* 

So instead you get a very basic, super simple Yule log.

All you need is:

A log about 15-18 inches long. I used white birch. Birch is symbolic of rebirth, renewal, and protection. It can ward off evil. Stripped of its bark, Birch is the traditional Yule Log. (You can use a Birch Broom the morning after the Winter Solstice to brush out the old year.)

A drill 

A paddle drill bit (spade bit) the diameter of your taper candle base

3 taper candles (you can use more or less depending on the size of your log and your personal preference but I use 3 because I follow a Triple Goddess based branch of witchcraft)

How to Make It:

Get your log

Drill out your holes deep enough that the candles fit snuggly

Add your candles

Decorate to your liking

My Log:

Last Yule season we purchased a bundle of birch logs from someone on Marketplace. They were freshly cut and too wet to do anything with.

This year they were perfect. My husband sliced up several for me so I could paint ornaments on them.

But I kept one log from the saw, a nice gnarly one that sits on a flat surface without any help. Perfect for a modern Yule log.

I had my husband drill 3 evenly spaced holes for my candles (Yes, fake candles. I have 5 cats so I don't often burn taper candles. My candles are all in jars and not easy to tip over.)

I planned to create an arrangement with antlers, pine cones, fresh pine, and cinnamon sticks... but I couldn't get the antlers to look right. And then I just kinda lost my steam because my vision wasn't working. Then I actually forgot about it and now Yule is tomorrow. Oops. 

So I have a naked Yule log.

Oh well, sometimes simple elegance is best.

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