Witchy Wednesday: Mirror Magick Clarity Spell


Before bed cleanse, ground, cast a circle, or ward yourself for spell work per your method

Standing before a mirror light a white candle

Stare deeply at yourself in the mirror and say this incantation 3 times

I release stagnant fear

So I can move forward and see clear

I let go of boredom and antipathy

Soon I will see clearly

Please show me what I need to see

Goddess show what comes next for me

Where do I need to go?

What do I need to know?

What should I learn?

What path do I take, where do I turn?

Goddess please provide the key

To show me clarity

As I will it, so it will be

Place Amethyst and Clear Quartz under your pillow or next to your bed to clear your thoughts and offer you clarity while you sleep.  

Carry Citrine with you for inspiration. 

Stay alert for signs and visions that can help you see what’s next for you. 

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