Witchy Wednesday: Anointing Oil to Connect to the Divine Feminine



Carrier Oil (I used Grapeseed)

Dried Mugwort

Dried Damiana

Dried Rose Petals


Powdered Cinnamon

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Vanilla Extract 


Place dry ingredients into a small jar (I used one that is shot glass sized) then cover with oil until jar is ¾ full

Add a splash of rosewater

Add 1-3 drops of vanilla extract 

Add 3- 9 drops of each essential oil

Seal the jar and shake it gently

Let the jar sit in a cool dark area for ingredients to cure

Annoint yourself and/or candles before meditation, ritual, or spellwork to connect to with Divine Feminine energy. 

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