Witch Crafts - DIY Pine Cone Wish Ornament

Pine cones are a wonderful holiday craft medium. 

You can make all kinds of ornaments and holiday decor with them, and if you live in an area full of pine trees you can get them for free.

Pine's metaphysical properties include new beginnings, prosperity, strength, grounding, & growth so they also make a wonderful item to use for witch crafts.

During the Yule season, we often reflect upon our blessings & misfortunes of the year and set goals for the coming new year. 

Use the pine cone to set your goals and wishes.

Grab a piece of parchment or regular paper and cut into small strips. Write down wishes, goals, and hopes for the new year.

Roll up the wishes and stick them into the pine cones.

Burn your wish cones on Yule, the Winter Solstice, December 21 as an alternative to your Yule log or in addition to your log. This releases your wishes to the universe.

If you don't want to burn your cones, or can't burn your cones, you can hang them on your Yule tree or place them on your altar as a reminder of the wishes you set.  

If you are not burning them you can add fun decorations like glitter and charms to them. Even add herbs like cinnamon and cloves for love and prosperity and crystals like carnelian, sunstone, and orange calcite for festivity. 

Save your cones and next year on Yule open up the wishes up and reflect on what came true and what you still need to work for. Add new wishes for the following year. 

I'll have a bonfire on Yule and my family members will all be adding our cones to the fire, so nothing fancy was added to them.

But I think I might make one for the tree and fancy it up, just to see how cute they can be. 

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