Spooky Desk Makeover with Dixie Belle Products

This was my first furniture makeover using Dixie Belle products but it won't be my last. I love, love, love Dixie Belle!!!

This was s client commision piece, they purchased the desk and the new hardware they wanted but let me have free reign on the actual makeover.

I was told it would be going into a Halloween room. So it had to be dark and spooky.

So at first I though plain black, but once I received the hardware with the gold tones (ordered from Etsy) I knew I had to jazz it up. 

So I added Gold Rub N Buff to give it an antique look and much more personality.

8/10 Light sand, Clean with Dixie Belle White Lightning

8/11 Prime with Dixie Belle Slick Stick 

8/18 first coat of Dixie Belle Caviar black chalk paint

8/24 2 coats black paint & touch ups 

8/31 steel wool sanding and 1 coat black paint 

9/22 touch up black paint on top of desk 

9/30 sand top of desk 

10/2 re-paint top black 

10/7 apply gold Rub N Buff

10/8 2 clear coats on top of desk 

10/10 clear coat desk with Dixie Belle Gator Hide

10/17 touch up gold Rub N Buff  and black paint 

10/23 clear coat 

10/29 final inspection with touch ups, install hardware 

In the Halloween room it was made for

I'm pretty pleased with the final results. I hope the customer was, too.

I felt bad that it took a couple months to complete but I got the desk right before my book was about to publish and I had two months of book signings and Halloween events while working on deadline for my next book. 

Ugh. I tried to work on the desk as much as possible but it still took a lot longer than expected.

But I delivered it on Halloween! 

These custom coffin shelves were also made for the client's Halloween room.
You can catch a glimpse of them on the nightstands in the video.


  1. What a fun project. Everyone needs a Halloween room!

  2. In the video you can also see the orange and black coffin shelves on the nightstands. My husband made the coffins and I painted them.