Ordinary Items - Magickal Uses: Everyday Items that Can Be Used in Your Practice

Social media has created this “image” of witchcraft, this pretty aesthetic that everyone wants to copy. But you don’t need all the fancy pretty things to be a witch. Witchcraft can be messy and ugly and it can be normal, and basic- hiding in plain sight.

When I was young the idea that I needed a bunch of tools and things to be practice magick was put into my head from all the books I read, specifically that big blue book. At the start everything was very Wiccan focused and it all seemed to require certain tools and accessories. 
I was a broke teenager. I couldn’t afford a fancy chalice, an athame, ritual robes, etc. I had one witch shop near me and everything was pricey. 

So for years I didn’t practice much until I realized, screw that I’m doing my own thing with what I have.

Now a wine glass easily substitutes as a ritual chalice or any fancy glass, mug, or tumbler that I feel fits with the spell or ritual I’m doing. 

A letter opener is a perfect stand-in for an athame. An ordinary knife will do the trick, too.

An altar cloth can be a pretty piece of fabric, a fancy tablecloth, or even a nice scarf.

Any type of candle can be used- from birthday candles and tea lights which are great for fast spells.  You can also use jar, pillar, and taper candles from the Dollar Store.

Herbs and spices for spells can come straight from your kitchen cabinet and spice rack. 

Your kitchen is probably filled with things you can use for magick spells and rituals. Or items that can be used as magickal tools.

A Crockpot or Cast Iron Pot
Sugar and Honey
Citrus Fruit- lemons, limes, and oranges 
Fresh Herbs from your garden
Cooking oils- olive
Flour, eggshells, beans, rice

Everyday items around your house can easily be used magickally-

Like jars- I think pretty much every witch has a collection of jars. I save most of my glass jars. I use them for jar spells and for storing ingredients like dried herbs I grow in my garden.

Wind chimes and bells and great for clearing energy around your home.

Craft supplies are amazing items for spells- fabric scraps, string, ribbon, glitter, colored markers, pens and pencils, fancy paper…

One of my favorite things is fancy stationery sets. No one really writes letters anymore. So I use them for writing out spells or sigils and then I put them in the matching envelope and seal them with wax. Depending on the spell they may get tucked away somewhere or burned.

Wax seals- while this may not be a common item it’s not specifically a witchy item. I love, love, love my wax seals. I have a variety of colors and stamps to coordinate with spells.

Mirrors can be used for many types of magick including self-love and protection. 

Notebooks, journals, and sketchbooks are awesome items to turn into spell books and books of shadows. They don’t have to be fancy.

Brooms- you should have at least one broom that can be used just for witchy rituals and spells. And it doesn’t have to be a fancy witch broom, just a simple broom that you declare to be “your” broom. Keep it separate from your cleaning broom. 

Any of these things can be upgraded later, but the important thing is to start your practice.

If you can’t afford fancy things use what you have now. 

Use what works for you.


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