Haunted Bay City

A couple weeks ago my daughter, my friend Samantha, and I drove out to Bay City for Nicole Beauchamp's book release party for Haunted Bay City, Michigan.

And we got to visit two of the spooky locations from the book.

The first was the Masonic Temple where the book release was being held.

The second was the Bay Antique center which is a huge antique mall.

It was a fun night but we didn't see any spookies.

The Masonic Temple is a beautiful mess. It looks like they are in the process of renovations. I hope they can preserve the building and bring it back to its glory.

The only ghosts we saw that evening.

The 12 foot Home Depot skeleton in person.

This built-in resides in the old dining room. It looks like something out of a 1920s speakeasy. 

Staircase to nowhere.

Adorable bar tables, brand new and totally out of place.

My daughter crouching down to take photos and looking like a ghost herself.

Random chairs in the middle of the basement. 
"This is where the bad kids get sent for punishment."


This creepy bride is on the second floor of the Antique Center where a ghostly woman in Victorian clothing has been spotted. At first glance, she made my heart stutter because I was the only person in the area and I walked into her zone and froze.

Haunted Bay City, Michigan
Nicole Beauchamp

ISBN: 9781467146708
PUBLISHER: The History Press
DATE: 9/14/2020
STATE: Michigan
SERIES: Haunted America
PAGES: 112

At the base of the Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron lies historic Bay City, a gorgeous town with a dark past. In its early days, a six-block strip known as Hell’s Half Mile was an epicenter of debauchery and brutality. This tumultuous history has left a deep paranormal imprint on the area. A sinister Victorian lady terrorizes those who visit the upper level of the Bay City Antiques Center. The ghost of a disfigured little girl roams Sage Library. And the former caretaker of the USS Edson lovingly tends the ship after death as he did in life. Local author and paranormal investigator Nicole Beauchamp takes you on a bone-chilling journey through Bay City’s most haunted locales.

My Review:

5 out of 5 stars

A Look Into the Haunted History of Bay City

Bay City is one of my favorite places to visit in Michigan. The downtown area is filled with antique shops that offer a glimpse into the history of the area.

This book gives a much more detailed look into that history including tales of past residents that still linger in the old buildings.

I devoured this book in one weekend and now it has a place on my keeper shelf.

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  1. Great antique center - what a blast. The old masonic temple is beautiful too.