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Labyrinth is a fantastical movie filled with adventure and magical creatures. 

Here's a guide to help you create a whimsical Labyrinth-themed party, complete with ideas for games, activities, food, drinks, costumes, and decorations.


1. Enchanted Forest: Create an enchanted forest atmosphere with fairy lights, paper lanterns, and lush greenery. Hang moss or vines from the ceiling to add to the magical ambiance.

2. Goblin King's Throne: Set up a throne as a centerpiece, decorated with regal fabrics and adorned with masks and feathers to represent Jareth, the Goblin King.

3. Labyrinth Maze: Recreate a small section of the Labyrinth with maze-like wall decals or cardboard cutouts. You can also draw a labyrinth pattern on the floor using washable chalk.

4. Crystal Ball Centerpieces: Use crystal balls or glass bowls filled with water and floating candles as centerpieces. Add small plastic creatures or toy figurines to represent the magical beings from the movie.

5. Magical Doors: Create oversized, decorative doors resembling those found in the Labyrinth. Place them strategically to enhance the atmosphere and encourage guests to step into the fantasy world.


1. Jareth, the Goblin King: Encourage guests to dress up as Jareth, with his iconic ruffled shirt, billowing pants, and a dramatic cape. Top it off with a wig and a sparkling crystal necklace.

2. Sarah Williams: Guests can also dress up as Sarah, the film's protagonist. A white peasant blouse, blue dress, and a headband will help capture her look.

3. Labyrinth Creatures: Guests can choose to dress up as various creatures from the Labyrinth, such as goblins, fairies, or even Hoggle. Masks, wings, and furry accessories can complete their outfits.

Games and Activities:

1. Labyrinth Treasure Hunt: Set up a treasure hunt where guests follow clues to find hidden objects or puzzle pieces. Each clue leads them closer to the ultimate prize or a way out of the Labyrinth.

2. "Magic Dance" Dance-Off: Organize a dance competition where guests show off their best dance moves to the iconic "Magic Dance" song from the movie. Award prizes for the most creative, energetic, or entertaining performance.

3. Labyrinth Trivia: Test your guests' knowledge of the movie with a Labyrinth-themed trivia game. Prepare questions about the characters, plot, and memorable quotes.

4. Masquerade Ball: Host a mini masquerade ball inspired by the ballroom scene in the movie. Provide masks and encourage guests to dance and mingle while wearing their elaborate masks.

5. Puppet Workshop: Set up a puppet-making station where guests can create their own Labyrinth-inspired puppets using craft materials like felt, googly eyes, and feathers. Provide templates and examples for guidance.

Food and Drinks:

1. Goblin Gummies: Serve gummy candies in the shape of goblins, creatures, or magical symbols.

2. "Magic Potion" Cocktails: Create colorful and mystical cocktails using flavored syrups, colored liqueurs, and sparkling soda. Serve them in glassware decorated with glitter or edible shimmer.

3. Labyrinth Cupcakes: Decorate cupcakes with labyrinth designs using icing or edible sugar paper. Top them with fondant or plastic figurines representing characters from the movie.

4. "Hoggle's Treats": Offer a mix of salty and sweet snacks like popcorn, pretzels, and caramel corn in labeled bowls as Hoggle's favorite treats.

If you want to take your Labyrinth party to the next level hire Dan Gerics in Michigan. He's a professional David Bowie impersonator as Serious Moonlight - Bowie Tribute and he's part of The Goblin King Players.

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