Michigan's Most Haunted Cemeteries - Blood Cemetery in Laingsburg

The creep factor of this cemetery probably started with the name, Blood. That’s enough to get the imagination going.

There are several urban legends about the cemetery.

The stories all seem to feature Doctor Blood.

The wealthy Blood family lived in the area in 1800's. They even built their own cemetery on the land. The last surviving member of the family was Dr. Blood. He lived in a creepy old mansion next to the cemetery, which became known as Blood House. The legend claims that the doctor shot his wife with a shotgun then hacked her body to bits with an ax. Then he hung himself from a tree in the cemetery. Now the ghosts of Dr. and Mrs. Blood haunt the cemetery.

Another version of the urban legend claims that the ghost of Doctor Blood will try to murder anyone who visits the cemetery on Halloween night.

One detailed version of the urban legend features a more modern version of Dr. Blood and the demise of his wife.

One Halloween night a bunch of teens visited the cemetery. They spotted a ghostly figure moving among the gravestones, this spooked them so much they decided to make a quick exit. But as they were leaving one boy decided to dare another to go into the old Blood Mansion.

Of course he took the dare.

After about an hour the boy had not come out. His friends were terrified to go in so they drove to the nearest police station. The sheriff on duty said, Don’t you know old Dr. Blood lives there? He doesn’t like anyone trespassing on his property.

When they arrived back at the old mansion it was ablaze. The police called the fire department who tried to put out the flames but the house burned to the ground.

After the fire was out they sifted through the rubble and found the charred remains of the missing teen boy. His hands and feet were bound and a shotgun and bloody axe were found beside him.

A freshly dug grave was found in the cemetery. They dug it up and found the headless body of woman in a red gown. It was Mrs. Blood.

Many have claimed to see a headless and armless woman in a white nightgown wandering the cemetery late at night. Others claim to see Dr. Blood patrolling the land to keep trespassers away. Orbs and cold spots have been experienced by ghost hunters along with a weird feeling emanating off a big old tree.

There are several stories about teens who visited the cemetery and regretted it. Many have claimed to see Dr. Blood with an ax in one hand and a shotgun in the other.

One teen couple crashed their motorcycle after visiting the cemetery. In 1989 two teen girls wanted to check out the legend but the car spun out of control and crashed into Round Lake where they drowned trapped in the car.

In the book Ghost Hunting Michigan, Bradley P. Mikulka recounts a story that a friend told him about a group of four bored teenagers looking for something fun to do. They grabbed some beer and went to the cemetery. A few drinks in the boys started getting loud and taunting the spirits.  After not getting any response they decided the place wasn’t haunted. As they were getting ready to leave they heard a growl from by the caretaker’s shed. 

They looked in that direction and spotted red eyes staring at them. They decided to high tail it out of there fast.

But the car wouldn’t move. No matter how much gas they gave it, it just wouldn’t go. One guy got out to see if they were stuck on something. What he saw chilled him to the bone. A large creature around seven feet tall with wings and glowing red eyes.

He jumped back in the car and screamed “punch it”. The car finally spun its wheels and took off.  He told his friends about the creature and they all looked back to see the red eyes following them. No matter how fast they went they didn’t lose it. They sped through town trying to lose the beast behind them. They were so terrified they ran a red light and were t-boned by a semi. The only survivor was in the backseat on the passenger side. He told his story to the police but passed away a few days later.

The only thing known to be true is that a family named Blood lived there in the 1800s and there was a car accident involving a group of scared teens. 

The Blood Cemetery is on Lancaster Road, East of Westgate Drive.

Want to hear more about Blood Cemetery and Blood House? 

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