Michigan's Most Haunted Bridges- Trowbridge Road Bridge in Bloomfield #hauntedbridges

This concrete T-Beam bridge that crossed over the Grand Trunk Railroad was built 1930 by A. Guthrie and Company. Decorative false arches gave it a unique appearance.

It is 231 feet long, with a 44-foot-wide deck carrying a 30-foot-wide roadway. The odd thing is, Trowbridge Road itself is less than a mile long and basically ends at the bridge.

The bridge was closed in early 2017 and slated for demolition in 2019.

Sad stories claim that numerous teens have committed suicide by jumping from the bridge 100 feet to their deaths on the railroad tracks below.

Spray-painted names on and around the bridge are said to be the names of those who jumped to their deaths.

Many strange things happen to people who decide to stroll across the bridge- unseen hands that push you toward the edge, disembodied voices that come from nowhere, and the occasional human shaped shadow that lurks at the edge of the bridge.

In article from C&G News about Detroit Hauntings a man was interviewed who claimed he heard an urban legend about the bridge being tied to satanic rituals:

Michael Babbish, of St. Clair Shores, grew up near the bridge and heard folklore passed down through generations about the location.
“Everyone knew it was a haunted place growing up. It was just kind of known,” he said. “I’ve heard multiple stories about what happened there to make it haunted, but I have no idea. No one knows exactly.”
He said a priest confirmed to him once that, long ago, local teens conducted some kind of satanic ritual there.
“What I hear is there was some type of incident that happened at Trowbridge in the ’40s or ’50s that involved the death of some type of high schooler or middle schooler, and it is suspected some kind of witchcraft or satantic ritual led to a mass suicide kind of thing, but (the story) changed every time.”
Many visitors have claimed to see the spirits of children and teenagers on the bridge and hear the screams of those who jumped to their death.

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