Goth It Yourself Furniture Makeovers

In my last post I showcased the crackle chest of drawers I did for my daughter. Here are a couple other pieces I refinished for her. 

The night stand was a freebie roadside find (AKA a trash pick). It was originally a French Provincial piece. It had no handles or knobs on the stand. It was looking rough.  It probably looked like this image below when it was new.

The chair was $1 that I bought at an auction.

I was originally going to crackle the pieces to match the dresser but after a light sanding I realized the finish they had was too shiny and latex paint would not stick. I didn't want to spend the day sanding all of the original finish off to take it down to bare wood.

So I spray painted everything. And guess what? Spray paint doesn't crackle. At least not with the crackle medium I used. Ugh. So I wasted an entire can of red spray paint for nothing. It barely showed through the black. It popped out in a few places and created a few minuscule cracks but mostly nothing. I decided to add metallic red rub n buff to give it a boost. A hint of red and a lot of shine.

After the wax, I sealed everything with clear coat and added a fancy knob and handles to the night stand. My daughter took them home with her chest of drawers. She was very pleased.

Even after the snafus I think they turned out pretty good. Not what I was going for but I like how they ended up. Definitely more Gothic than the original plan.

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