Antique End Tables Get a Goth Upgrade

Keeping with the furniture makeover theme this week now I'm going to show you the end tables I refinished a few years ago when we redecorated our living room.

These old things were languishing away in my basement looking really rough. They came with the house (which belonged to my grandparents).  One of them looked like someone had thought about refinishing it but never did. It was partially sanded down to bare wood. The other one had stains and weird stuff all over it. It was in desperate need of a good sand down.

I always loved these tables because you can use them apart or put them together to create a cute round table.

Because our new sofa was so large and the living room so small we needed very small end tables. I pulled these out of the basement, sanded them down and refinished them with a black satin paint and several layers of clear Satin Finish Minwax Polycrylic.

The end result is simple, elegant and slightly Gothic. I love them.

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