DIY Crackle Chest of Drawers - Easy Furniture Makeover #furnituremakeover #cracklefinish

My daughter moved into her first house this summer and had zero furniture. 

I collect stuff I find for super cheap or free and I refinish it to give it new life. 

Well, things have been piling up so I had several pieces sitting around waiting for their  make over. 

I asked her what colors she wanted, her answer- red and black. That's my girl.

I started with this chest of drawers because that's what she really needed. It was a freebie, found in the garage of the house my son bought. It was so bad he was just going to throw it away. I saved it and brought it home. It has sat in my basement for a couple years.

The thing is old, beat up and looked a mess. It had veneer on it which was cracked, peeling, and falling off. So my husband ripped it all off and sanded the dresser. I told him to leave it looking rough it would fit with the crackle finish. I forgot to take a photo of it before my husband started sanding it.

I  painted it red, let it dry then coated it with a crackle medium. 

When that was dry I painted it black.

Then clear coated everything.

I know the photos are horrible. I finished it in the basement because the cotton wood stuff from my trees has covered the entire yard with cottonwood fluff. It was getting stuck in my paint so I had to take everything to the basement, which has terrible lighting. 

We loaded everything up in her vehicle at night so I couldn't get good photos then either.

But from these you can see it has a really rustic look with a Goth edge. Like it could blend in with farmhouse chic but it could lurk in the corner of a more Goth space as well.

She said she loves it. I hope so.

It was relatively easy to do and pretty cheap. I had the paint on hand. I had to buy a bottle of crackle and a can of clear coat. So for around $20 she has a custom dresser.

You can easily refinish yard sale and road side finds in any color you want. You could create an entire Halloween room on the cheap.

For basic wood furniture simple latex paint will do (if you sand the piece well enough- if you can't sand them completely go with a Rust o leum paint). You can even spray paint pieces if you have a well ventilated space or do it outside.

I've been watching chalk paint tutorials and I'm really excited to give those methods a try in the future. I love the vibrant colors and blends that can be achieved with chalk paints.


  1. I have a plain dresser in my bedroom that I hate the look of. Thanks to you I'm heading to town to find the supplies to fix my dresser. I'm almost positive I will also be doing this to the other 2 dressers and 2 night stands in my bedroom so they all match. My bedroom is decorated in black and maroon so even the colors you used are great for me to minds eye my furniture.

    1. I hope it all turns out great. I'm so glad I inspired you :-)

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