DIY Theme Parties

My kids tend to choose themes for their parties that I can't just go to the store and buy things for.  Yesterday I posted about my daughter's Nightmare Before Christmas Sweet 16.

Here are some of my youngest son's party themes.

Two years in a row Little Man wanted Minecraft, so I ended up making a lot of Minecraft creeper with plain green items black tape and markers.

These items are from 2014

Presents were wrapped with green wrapping paper then I used black tape to make the creeper faces.

We ordered cupcakes. They were not going to add the faces because they don't do any themes not on their list. But then the lady at the counter said said she knew exactly what we wanted so she made them for us. Yay. These went to school for a class party. Which they no longer allow. Times change. :-(

This is the cake we did at home. Not the best but it was just a family dinner. I'm not good at making food pretty. Cakes are definitely not my thing. 

In 2013, we had a big bash- we call it the May bash because my husband, youngest son and daughter all have May birthdays so we often do one big party to celebrate- the May bash. But the kids still get their own themes and cake.

I made a pin the face on the Creeper game

And I ordered this Pinata on Etsy

We made Creeper rice krispy treats

Bought decals on Etsy to add to cups and balloons

And Ilona, my bestie and go to cake lady, made this awesome cake.

In 2016 Little Man choose a Shadowhunters theme based on the Freeform TV show. I made rune invitations and Ilona made rune cupcakes. I bought him rune tattoos, decals and a necklace. That was about as fancy as that theme got. 

It was part of the May bash so I didn't go all out on the theme.

In 2017 he wanted Harry Potter. That's a theme I could really get into. He already had a broom, sorting hat and wand. We used those for decoration and party props.

I purchased stickers, pencil wands and the design for a have you seen this wizard poster on Etsy and house banners on eBay. His house is Ravenclaw so I bought him that and a Hogwarts banner. 

Those were used to decorate for the party- they now hang in his bedroom.

I made more stickers and designs for the wrapping paper, gift bags, and a Nimbus logo that I added to his broom. And of course, my cake queen Ilona, made the sorting hat cake.

He received a complete set of the books- which he read over the summer- all of them (his birthday is May 21). He also received an illustrated copy of the first book and a bunch of Harry Potter themed items like keychains, necklaces, and a house pin set. 

It's a good thing I went all out on that party because this year he wants to do paint ball. No fun themes or anything, just paintball. He's turning 12. And he's the baby. No more kid party themes for the kids. :-( 

I guess I'll be focusing all that energy on Halloween party themes. :-)

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