Nightmare Before Christmas Party

 Do you love The Nightmare Before Christmas?

My daughter does, so much so that her Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party 
 had a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. (This year she'll be 19- time flies)

We have so much stuff pinned to our Pinterest board... I changed it from Sweet 16 inspiration to just Nightmare Before Christmas. 

I made made most of the decorations and giveaway items with graphics I found online. There isn't a lot of ready made party materials available for NMBC

My best friend Ilona made the cutest Jack cupcakes. 

She also had quite a few things we used for decor like tombstone chalk boards and these black trees below. She used to put on the Flint Vampire Ball so she has boxes full of Gothic decor for parties.

We had these cute goth trees to use as centerpieces
and I bought Ari a set of Jack Ornaments to hang on them
and they'll be used later on the Christmas tree

Invitation (personal info deleted)

Cupcake stand my husband and I made.
I designed and painted, he cut it out of wood.

keychains I made for the goodie bags

adorable Jack cupcakes by Ilona Curry

The goodie bags contained stickers, keychains, buttons, and black and white striped candy sticks

Goodies bags filled with Nightmare Themed Items

For the goodie bags I printed out Jack head stickers and put them on the tiny gift bags.

Not really Nightmare Themed but we also had a S'mores bar at the party

My husband made a long box we filled with river rock and use sternos for the flames

We provided 3 types of marshamallows, 3 types of graham crackers, and a variety of chocolates, it was a hit. We had to send someone out to get more chocolate before the night was over.

Not surprising she received a bunch of gifts to fit the  party theme including Operation, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly

I really wish I had better photos from the party. The day was a hectic blur and all my photos seem to resemble that. We do have tons of photo strips from the photo booth, that was  a huge hit. The kids (and the adults) had a blast being silly. Photo booths are a really fun thing to have at a party.  I highly recommend including one in your next bash.

Pinterest Board for Nightmare Before Christmas

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