Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcake Tower

Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcake Tower

This was created for a Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party with a 
Nightmare Before Christmas Theme that I wrote about on Monday.

This is the amazing cupcake stand my husband and I made for the party.

After looking at other Nightmare Before Christmas cupcake stands and images from the movie I came up with this design. If you love Nightmare Before Christmas the shape will definitely remind you of the spiral hill even though it is not exact.

I cut out templates on posterboard 

Then my husband used those to cut the pieces out of thin sheets of wood. I believe he used balsa so it was lightweight but still sturdy enough to hold the cupcakes.

I painted each piece a mixture of several shades of purple and black

My husband glued the pieces together, in some places I think he also used 
nails or screws for extra support

The finished stand looked so amazing, especially with 
all the Jack Cupcakes on it

The one downfall to this design is that it does not come apart. It is permanent. But my daughter thought that was fine and is now using it as a shelf to showcase her little odds and ends. So that worked out pretty good- from cupcake stand to home decor.