New Life Into Old Artwork

I painted these dress forms and corsets back in 2009. 

Cute, but boring. I always felt they needed something more, I just has no idea what. So they were shoved in a box, tucked away and forgotten about. 

Until Friday night/Saturday morning around 3 AM. I couldn't sleep, I was looking around my room and suddenly had an idea for these paintings.

Here's what I came up with- I added a hat, broom, and cat and tada a cute witchy scene.

I have a few more to finish and the one red and white corset is going to become a Christmas scene, that one is just screaming for a Santa hat. :-)

The top two are my favorite, the black corset and the orange and black corset. I think those are going to be framed and put on my wall. The others can be added to stuff I'll sell at events. I'm just glad I finally did something with them. I really hate unfinished projects.

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