Goth Home Decor

These are a few of the things my husband and I make.  

He makes all kinds of wood things as Robert's Rustic Creations- shadowboxes, tool storage, shelves, chalkboards, rustic decor....

For my Goth and Witchy things- he does the woodworking for me- which means he uses the power tools ;-) while I do the majority of the design and paint.  

I'm not a big fan of power tools (mainly saws- even after years of woodworking class in school they freak me out) though I do love the Dremel and the power sanders so finish work is no problem but I leave the cutting to him.

I post our products on the Bewitching Creations Facebook page. Some things make it into the Etsy Store but most items sell at events or go direct to buyers. If you ever see something you like and are interested in purchasing let me know. If I don't have it in stock I might be able to custom make a new one for you.

I have several new designs we're working on for upcoming events.  Hoping some of the finer details work out. More intricate things take finding the right parts and pieces so everything comes together perfectly. Not all designs I come up end up working out :-( 

What kind of Gothic home decor items would you love to see?

These are cast iron skull bottle openers on wood coffins. These mount to the wall. 
Holes are pre-drilled and screws provided for easy mounting.

Wall hangings- saw tooth hangers on back.

Wall hangings

Coffin Shadow Boxes, hang on the wall to display your trinkets

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