Hauntings in Flint Michigan?

Shadows lurking in corners, voices in the middle of the night, cold spots sending shivers up and down your spine…

Every city has ghosts, some more than others. Places that have seen battles, horrible disasters, and deadly histories are reported to be the most haunted.

New Orleans, Louisiana; San Francisco, California; Savannah, Georgia; Athens, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; Washington D.C.; Portland, Oregon; Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Galveston, Texas; and Baltimore, Maryland are often considered to be America’s top ten most haunted cities. Salem, Massachusetts and Charlotte, North Carolina often make America’s Most Haunted lists as well.

Such pain and suffering are sure to leave a mark. From feelings of unease, to reports of ghostly specters and terrifying encounters- the stories of hauntings in these cities are sometimes scarier than the history that created the ghosts.

All these cities have seen their share of disasters, battles, and shady dealings.

They are also large, well known cities that are popular travel destinations. Flint isn’t large and it sure isn’t a touristy destination but it has an extensive history of pain, suffering, crime, and hardship.

Flint is home to ancient Native American battle sites and burial grounds, the Sit Down Strike of 1936-37, unsolved murders, economic depression, social injustice, and now the water crisis. An unholy brew of energy that has led to freaky tales of ghostly encounters and demonic possession.

From ghostly graveyard apparitions to spooky specters spotted in theaters - Flint is filled with ghosts. Two of downtown Flint’s old mansions have reported strange activities, sounds, and voices from beyond. 

What ghostly shenanigans have you witnessed in Flint?

I am compiling a collection of haunting stories that take place in Flint. 

Have you ever had a scary encounter or witnessed something unexplainable in Flint?

If you have, I would love it if you could share your experiences by completing this form.


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