Tarot Tuesday: Review of the Yuletide Tarot

I love Yuletide items that are non-traditional. A Yule Tarot deck is so awesome. 

The artwork is gorgeous, the cards are perfect (not too big, not too small), and the deck comes in a solid box with a beautiful full-color book. 

The art is festive without being all "Christmas threw up on these cards".  It is whimsical and old-fashioned with slightly muted colors that give you an old-timey holiday vibe, perfect for those who love vintage items. The suits have been switched up with holiday themes and the major arcana was replaced with holiday folklore types such as Krampus, Mari Lwyd, The Holly King, Mistletoe, etc. 

My first reading was spot on. I'll be using this deck throughout the season.

The only issue I have is with the layout of the book. Instead of being split up by suits as most books are this one showcases all the aces, then the two's, and so on. That is very annoying for me. Please put suits together.

My First Reading with the Deck

Major Arcana 

Yuletide Tarot Cards 

by Kristoffer Hughes (Author), Erin O'Leary Brown (Artist)

Hope, Warmth, and Tarot Cheer For the Most Wonderful Time of Year

Keep the childlike wonder of midwinter burning brightly with the help of this festive deck. Featuring reimagined suits of candles (wands), good cheer (cups), canes (swords), and gifts (pentacles), the Yuletide Tarot honors this spiritual time of year while remaining true to Rider-Waite-Smith style. Bestselling author Kristoffer Hughes' guidebook presents detailed descriptions of each card's keywords, meanings, and holiday lore as well as five unique midwinter spreads that will deepen your connection to this magical season.

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