Witchy Wednesday: Awakening Meditation

Bring a chair and walk along the beach

This is best done on the ocean or Michigan’s great lakes where you get a constant wave flow of water

Walk along the shoreline, let your toes sink into the sand and the water flow over your feet

Feel the heaviness and burdens wash away with each wave of water, let go of all that no longer serves you as you begin your new path

Find a comfortable place on the shore where you can place your chair so that your feet are in the water

Sit down and relax

Take several deep cleansing breaths 

Let the water wash away the past, the pain, the things that hold you back and hold you down

Envision the things you want to let go of

See them washing away with each wave of water that splashes over your feet

Once you have let the waves take it all away, let yourself go, let yourself flow with the water, feel it, the waves go out, the water flows, the waves come in the water flows, feel yourself flow with the water 

Start to envision the color red coming in with the next wave, see it flow over your feet, up your legs and settle into your root chakra at the base of your spine, dispelling any blockages and opening the root chakra

Envision the color orange coming in with the next wave, envision it flowing up from the base of the spine to the sacral chakra just below your belly button all blockages are pushed away and your sacral chakra is now open

As the waves ebb and flow envision the color yellow moving from your belly button up to your solar plexus, this flow of color energy opens your solar plexus chakra pushing out all blockages 

Now the color green flows through your body with the movement of the water, it flows from under your ribs to your heart opening your heart chakra

Blue energy now flows up into your throat with each lap of water at your feet. Pulsing blue energy opens your throat chakra.

Now a beautiful purple/blue energy pulses through your body up to your third eye. This beautiful indigo energy blazes bright as it reaches the space in your forehead between your eyebrows, opening your third eye and freeing it of all blockages.

Gorgeous bright purple energy now pulsates though you, filling you with spirit and energy as it moves to the top of your head. This purple energy clears out mental and emotional blockages, pushing out all that has held you back. 

The purple energy reaches your crown chakra and blazes into a blinding white light opening you to the universe. 

This light welcomes you to become one with spirit. 

As the light fades into a soft glow you realize you can now SEE. 

Spirit has awakened you. The world will now be a much different place as you learn to see with the eyes spirit has opened. 

Feel the water lapping at your feet as you come back into yourself. 

Enjoy the cool water as it flows over your feet. Feel your toes in the sand. Dig them in and relish your connection with mother earth.

Prepare to explore the world with new eyes. You are now AWAKE. 

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