Trying to Find My Halloween Spirit, Settling for Autumn Adventures


I'm sorry my Halloween content hasn't been full of DIYs and haunted tales this year.

Even the Queen of Halloween has the blues. And the blues are definitely interfering with my orange and black feelings.

COVID really has me down. All my masquerade balls and fun events were canceled, which really hurts. Halloween is my season. 

I did have a mico- Tea and Witch Crafts party with two friends and my daughter during the first weekend of October. We made witch hats and brooms, had tea, and drank Witch's Brew Wine and mulled cider with a splash of rum. 

I've tried to keep the spirit alive and do all the Halloween things I can but everything I have goes into keeping the spirit alive in my home and for my family.  Halloween things may have been canceled but Autumn hasn't. 

For my birthday in September, we hit Spicer's Orchard outside Fenton, Michigan. Good grief it was packed. But they had all kinds of things going on. Food trucks, carnival rides. Basically a mini carnival at the orchard. Awesome, but way too busy for comfort even if there was no COVID. 

A couple weeks ago we took a boat ride to see the Autumn colors before packing the boat away for the winter. 

This past weekend we took a day trip to Lansing to drop into author Jenn Carpenter's new bookstore Deadtime Stories: True Crime and Other Books. Jenn is the author of Haunted Lansing and the woman behind A Festival of Oddities.

I signed a couple of copies of Haunted Flint and then my family explored the area.

Deadtime Stories is inside Thrift Witch an awesome vintage store that focuses on dark art and oddities. Another cool thrift store we found is Metro Retro.

My kids modeling jackets they got at the thrift shops
My kids modeling jackets they found at the thrift shops

We explored Old Town Lansing and enjoyed the fall colors and ended the day with a delicious dinner at The Creole Burger Bar & Southern Kitchen. Best grits I have EVER had. The cornbread was yummy (and I'm a cornbread snob). I had chicken and biscuits for dinner....OMG. So good.

If you ever make it to Old Town Lansing so you have to drop by these places.

And that's all the energy I have had to give so far.

So no DIYs or haunt posts right now. I'm sorry.

One thing I have learned during this pandemic is that spending time with the ones you love is more important than anything else in the world. We never know how much time we have left. So many people have lost their loved ones this year. I'm giving my loves as much of my time as I can. 

I hope that you have found some way to enjoy the season even though it is very different than years before.

I'm looking forward to a Halloween movie night with the family when The Craft: Legacy releases. And we'll have our annual family pumpkin carving night like we always do on October 30. I'm not sure what Halloween has in store for us. Trick or Treating is allowed in our area but my youngest is 14 and not really interested. He might change his mind though, who knows. 

Playing it by ear to see what's going on and the status of COVID. Right now cases are on the rise in Michigan. :-( 

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  1. I think we are all dealing with the blues while trying to find our orange and black this year.