Spirit Activity on the Rise

So the ghosties in my house are gearing up for Halloween or something. 

Last weekend we came home to find the toilet seat up in the master bedroom's bathroom. I used the restroom before we left and I sure didn't pee standing up. The guys were outside and I locked the door on the way out. No one else was in the house.

Then later that night I found a shirt on my bedroom floor. A shirt that I have never seen before that no one else in my house claimed.

A couple days later I came home from running errands, walked into my bedroom, and suddenly heard the sound of metal sliding, then a loud ting, and thunk. I walked into the living room the find a large metal ring on the floor.

I realized it was a metal ring that came off the top of a large candle holder. The ring has a lip that fits over the glass that surrounds the candle. A lip that prevents it from simply falling off in case things jiggle. 

The candle holders are on top of a six-foot-high entertainment stand. All the cats were on my bed so no kitties knocked it down. I was the only human in the house.

About twenty minutes later I heard another strange sound. I walked into the living room to find my Halloween tree on the floor. Again, all the cats had been with me. Plus it has been up for weeks and they haven't touched it.

The tree and the candle are in the same corner of the living room. Which I think needs to be saged and salted. 

I don't know what's going on or what messages the spirits are trying to send. I just hope things don't get too freaky.

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