Dressed Up for Quarantine-O-Ween #quarantineoween

Hubby and I color coordinated and dressed up for Quarantine-O-Ween. 

I did a few crafty things but was lacking in inspiration so I didn't get far.

Later I'll probably watch a spooky movie with The Kid (who declined to dress up).

What are you doing for Quarantine-O-Ween?

March 31 is Quarantine-O-Ween

So my Halloween friends have come up with a way to enjoy Halloween fun while being quarantined.

March 31 has been declared Quarantine-O-Ween.

Sounds like a great distraction to me.

So put up some of your Halloween decorations, put on a costume, and have some Halloween fun on March 31.

Share photos of your Quarantine-O-Ween costume and decor

Be sure to use the hashtag #quarantineoween

Character Interview with Niels Poulsen from Blue Note by Holly Graf and Krissy May

Holly: Hi, Niels. Blue Note is a book that introduces you — a human, as far as you know — to magic. How did you feel when you realized that magic was real and you didn’t have any?

Niels: That was shit. I’ve always strived to be the best one in the room at whatever I cared about, and I cared about magic so hard. Envy is not a strong enough word.

Holly: What about magic did you care about right away?

Niels: It was unique. I very lost interest when I realized that most realms have it and humans without magic are interesting to them.

Holly: Do you think losing interest in magic shaped your decisions at the end of the book?

Niels: This is getting into spoilers territory. Where’s River Song with her little notebook?

Holly: Right. If you could live anywhere in all the realms, except the places you visited in Blue Note, where would it be?

Niels: So Manhattan is out as an option?

Holly: Yes.

Niels: You don’t play nice. Hmm. I think I’d have to go to Alder. They would appreciate my music and my sense of fashion.

Holly: For the readers — Alder is a steampunk world with high tech, low magic, and an appreciation for Niels’ skinny jeans.

Niels: (laughs) Enough with the pants.

Holly: You asked for it. Do you have a favorite book or movie?

Niels: I can’t have both?

Holly: Go for it.

Niels: Favorite book is Songmaster, by an. Look can we not talk about the author? It’s a great book, about a kid whose entire life is shaped by music, from toddlerhood through his death. That’s the dream.

Holly: How was your childhood shaped by music?

Niels: My dad was really into music, and so was my stepdad. Losing them so young made me want to be sure I wouldn’t lose music too.

Holly: That must have been hard.

Niels: (laughs) That’s very cliche.

Holly: You don’t like talking about your past much? Isn’t that a fundamental aspect of being a character?

Niels: No I mean...that must have been hard. Nobody wants to lose a parent, so you’re guaranteed to be right. What about like… ‘Ooh and did you sing at the funerals?’

Holly: Most people don’t want to lose a parent. You’re paired with Hattie, someone who we know — by the end of Blue Note — feels the opposite about her father.

Niels: No, but she needs real parents. She doesn’t want to have a dad she has to feel the opposite about.

Holly: But what is real? How is it to know you’re fake, that all you are is what is created on page?

Niels: It’s basically being trapped with an incompetent host body that eats crappy food and misunderstands me a lot.

Holly: How often do you think you’re misunderstood? Do you think the story gets you right? Do you ever wish you were in a different kind of novel?

Niels: Mostly right. She softens sex, for the most part. The rest is accurate.

Holly: I think most that is done to make the book more widely readable — to audiences who don’t want those kinds of scenes.

Niels: Yeah, she fed me the same bullshit line.

Holly: But you like the story as a whole? Enough actions, romance, whatever you’re looking for?

Niels: Ja. I think the most consistent comment was that it was fast-paced which honestly...I can’t read slow-paced books.

Holly: Is that something readers can look for in the next books? Do you think introducing a new POV for Inked in Blue — formerly Green Zone — will slow the pace down?

Niels: I’m worried it will speed it up. But I’m trying. The problem is, this is a very real world, and think how much goes on in your life in a day. Now add in learning about magic and weird rules and smelly neighborhoods. It gets busy pretty fast.

Holly: What do you think about adding in another POV, sharing the page with someone new? Can you share with us who it is?

Niels: I don’t know, author boss, can I?

Holly: If you’d like.

Niels: I get to share this book with Jace, the guy I spend Blue Note looking for. It’s great, because he’s gay but somehow we end up in a catfight over a girl anyway.

Holly: I’m sure that will be interesting to see develop. It looks like Jace is figuring out his identity. He calls himself gay but we’ve seen him in one hetero relationship and it sounds like he’s headed into another. Do you have any insight there?

Niels: He’s actually in a great gaymance at the start of things, but someone has to save the world and as you may have noticed I tend selfish.

Holly: Maybe you can work on it? That seems like a long interview but we haven’t one thing that I want to ask about: you have a struggling relationship with your mom in Blue Note. Is this a plot you intend to carry on through the next books, or are you tucking your relationship into a box and not addressing it?

Niels: Oh my sweet zombie Christ just wait until you see who she’s dating.

Holly: Does that mean things get worse between you?

Niels: I mean, we’re in a book that tends pretty feel good, so I’m guessing we’re on a crash course toward universal harmony and shit, but we’re not there yet.

Holly: Thank you for your time Niels.

Niels: No problem. Thanks for asking me about my sexy car and the songs we sang at my dad’s funeral.

Holly: Hey! The songs were not in the prompts and the car never came up. Until now...What is it? And how are you planning on including it in Inked?

Niels: Tune in next time for a review of its sleek design, make model and year, and extended wheelbase for added comfort. It will be in Inked.

Blue Note
The Fractured Prism
Book One
Holly Graf and Krissy May

Genre: NA Urban Fantasy

Publisher: 252 Publishing

Date of Publication: 6/21/19

ISBN: 978-1-950753-00-0
ASIN: 195075300X
Number of pages: 250
Word Count: 67,444

Cover Artist: Krissy May

Tagline: Everything has a price

Book Description:

Niels Poulsen, self-styled God of Rock and lead singer in a popular punk band, has everything he could want: family, friends, fortune, and fame. When his best friend and fellow band member, Jace, goes missing, Niels will do anything to get him home safe.

Niels discovers that their money and connections won’t help them on their journey. They will rely on an model airplane, a family secret, and a tangled magic that weaves the band into the fabric of other realms so tightly they may never make it home again. Their quest takes them across new worlds, through foreign dangers, and straight into the path of an ancient prophecy that wants Niels for itself.

If Niels and his friends survive long enough to find Jace and negotiate their way home to Manhattan, will it be worth the price? The magic says one of them will have to die…

Amazon     BN


       As they walked away from the sketchy people, Niels leaned down close to Hattie’s face. “The liquor stall? Or do you think it’s a setup? Christ.” He leaned away. “I’m as paranoid as Rhyss now.”
       “No you’re not.” She side-hugged him as they walked. “I’ve got a bad feeling too.”
       “They pointed that way,” he gestured, “so let’s go this way.”
       “Good idea.”
       They passed several stalls. One had all kinds of colorful eggs on display. Another had a row of kids dancing in front with a sign that read: Ontriss Academy of Noc Thui. Another stall had fried dough smothered in cinnamon.
       Niels’ stomach rumbled again.
       They should’ve begged Kenzie for some money before she left, but Niels had the feeling she didn’t have much in the way of funds. Land pirates were still pirates, after all.
       Something just ahead of them started screeching.
       Places to go: not in that direction. Whatever was up there probably ate people. Niels steered them casually toward a stall with jewelry, but Hattie was having none of being steered around.
       “What is that?” She moved towards the keening, cutting off a pissy guy with a cart full of vegetables. Some of the food toppled off the cart.
       Niels almost reached for one, but two thoughts stopped him: One, he had no idea whether they were even edible; two, Kenzie said they executed thieves, and this didn’t feel like a good day for that. Dying wasn’t on his agenda.
       He let Hattie pull him across the road on her quest for death-by-screech, until they were in sight of the screeching thing.
“Is that a dragon?” Niels asked.
Holy shit.
Not just a dragon, but...a dragon. It was about the size of a teacup, or a gerbil maybe because teacups didn’t have tails, and this dragon did. It was covered with spines and opalescent scales in every pastel color of the rainbow.
Even though it wasn’t as big as the other dragons they’d seen in Sylem, it made the most god awful noise to make up for its size. Niels was tempted to screech back at it, see how it liked that. Or bring his guitar and climb into the higher notes, with an amp.
When the dragon saw Niels, it screeched even louder, rattling the side of its cage so violently Niels thought it might knock itself off the table.
“It wants you,” Hattie said.
No it didn’t. Clearly it wanted out so it could attack him. While that technically counted as wanting him it wasn’t the good thing Hattie’s tone made it out to be.
He stopped freaking out. What had he just said to himself? He needed to trust that Hattie was often more right than he was about shit.
He finished crossing the road with her and didn’t stop her when she asked, “Can we look at that dragon?”
The stall owner, a beefy guy who would have been a butcher - or a Mafioso, which amounted to the same thing - in any decent, clichéd movie, frowned at them. “You spoiled my dragon.”
He lifted the latch on the cage door and the little rainbow-tiled monster shot out of the cage, directly at Niels.
Niels backed away. He couldn’t die yet. He still had songs to write, Hattie to date, his mom to annoy…
The dragon landed on his shoulder, chirped once, and let out a huff of steam that condensed into beads of water on Niels' neck.
Okay, so not dying today. Not yet, anyway.
Niels allowed himself to breathe.
The dragon was kind of cute if he ignored its claws digging into his shoulder through his shirt.
“That’s three hundred Angmol.”
Oh yeah, Niels could just pull that out of his ass.
“We don’t have three hundred those things,” Hattie said.
“Or one,” Niels muttered so only she could hear. She laughed.

About the Authors:

Holly began her career as an accountant. While her sense of humor tends appropriately dry, her love for writing far exceeds the constraints of an office job. She attended four colleges across three states in pursuit of her BS in Accounting, while taking extra courses in philosophy, law, and writing. Between words, she spends her time immersing herself in the magic of life.

Krissy lives in a chaos factory, which is run by a merciless team of miniature humans and their pets. She enjoys music, foreign languages, noise-cancelling headphones, and the smell of fresh-mowed grass. She has a useless degree in Physics and part of another useless degree in Nursing, neither of which helped in the creation of this book.

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The Snake Goddess of Belle Isle

The Snake Goddess of Belle Isle
An Ottawa Legend

There is something forlorn and desolate about Belle Isle.

It is a space lost in the time. Historical relics are everywhere so desperate to fit into the current time but the ghosts of the past linger. They just won't let Belle Isle move on and become one with the present. 

A doorway through time, the historical buildings are there, not quite in their original glory, their beauty is faded, some are really shabby around the edges even though efforts have been made to restore them there's something just not quite right. It’s like peering through a lens and seeing directly into the past, but the lens is covered with dirt and grime.

The island is tragic and beautiful. A sense of unease hangs in the air. 

I can't quite put my finger on what is wrong but there is something definitely “off”. Amidst all the beauty and nature malevolence slithers just out of sight.

There are many deaths connected to the island. So many people have died on the island, on the bridges, and in the water surrounding the island. 

Have those deaths occurred because something sinister lingers on the island sucking people into its despair?

Today I'm going to share some of the stories I've found about Belle Isle.

The first is an old Ottawa legend tied to Belle Isle about a Chief and his daughter.

Chief Sleeping Bear had a daughter so beautiful he had to keep her safe from the gaze of men who would try to steal her away. He hid her secreted away in a covered boat tied in the Detroit River.

One day when her was visiting his daughter to bring her food and supplies the winds caught a glimpse of her beauty. They were entranced. Huffing and puffing they blew away the cover of the boat so they could fully gaze upon her beauty. But they blew so hard that the ties snapped and the boat floated away.

The keeper of the water gates caught sight of her and pulled her boat to shore. He took her to his wigwam so he could claim her as his own, but the winds were unhappy and they beat at him until he died.

The winds returned the maiden to her father but begged that he not keep her from their sight. So he put her on a remote island in the Detroit River where she could run free. He called upon the Great Spirit to guard her by surrounding the island with snakes so no one could enter. The snakes were charmed by her and began to worship her as a Goddess. The Great Spirit seen this and made her immortal so she could rule over the island for eternity.

When the white men came to the area they first named the island, Isle Ste. Clair, then they discovered the snakes and called it Rattlesnake Island. Much later, after being called Hog Island, it was renamed Belle Isle which translates to beautiful island.

Some lucky visitors to the island still catch glimpses of the beautiful native girl dancing with the wind. Some say that if you park on the island by the woods, you should wait in your car for the Snake Goddess to call too you. She will beckon for you to follow her into the woods.

The unlucky man who had tried to claim the Chief’s daughter and was thus killed by the wind, he was buried on Isle au Peche (Peach Island) where it is said his spirit remained for generations. He became an oracle, his voice sounding like the wind in the trees and only those who prepared to receive his counsel could understand his advice.  Chief Pontiac spent seven days on the island fasting and meditating so he could receive counsel before planning his campaign against the British.

The White Lady of Belle Isle

Detroit folklore has a Lady in White story connected to Belle Isle.

One legend says that a young bride was murdered by her new husband on their wedding night. Now her ghost wanders the island full of despair. She is drawn to young couples.

Another legend claims that the Lady in White is an old woman who appears by bridges. Urban legend claims she is the mother of a girl who was murdered on that stretch of road (perhaps the mother of the bride?). If you stop on or by the Tanglewood Bridge and wait, she might appear. If you are in car, honk three times, this seems to get her riled up and she’ll come out, perhaps to shake her fist at you for disrupting her peace and quiet. Or maybe, she’ll try to lure you into the woods.

Some versions of the legend claim the Lady in White is the beautiful maiden who became the Snake Goddess. 

One version even claims that she transforms into a white doe that is often seen roaming Belle Isle.

One of the more detailed versions of this urban legend ghost story was collected by Dave Sprybrook in 1969 and detailed on Wayne State University’s Walter P Reuther Library website:

“The story of the ghost of Tanglewood Bridge on Belle Isle concerns a young lady who was in an accident on or around the bridge and was thrown through the window of the car and onto the rocks below the bridge in the woods. The ghost involved, however, is not the young lady killed in the accident, but rather her mother who comes to the bridge each night to search for her daughter. The lady always seems to come back around midnight each night dressed completely in white. ...the mother was coming back to look for her daughter who had been killed. The ghost is always seen on the bridge or in the woods surrounding the bridge. The ghost sometimes comes right up to the car to look into the car to see if her daughter is in the car ….and may tap on the window of the car to try and get in.”

Creepy Crafters !!!! The Etsy for Horror and Halloween Crafters

“Monstrous” Interest Building In Anticipation For Soon-To-Launch Online Marketplace for Creepy Arts & Collectibles

Artists And Crafters Of Horror and Halloween Arts Find A New Haunt At Creepycrafters.Com

[PASO ROBLES, CA -  February 29, 2020] — What if Etsy went horror? No, that’s not the theme of a new B-movie (although it could be). It is a new online marketplace and community with a creepy twist, set to debut this year at CreepyCrafters.com. The website will cater to artists, crafters, fans and collectors of the Horror and Halloween genres, giving them a place to call home — not just for selling and shopping, but with a community built around the marketplace as well.

“I’m a Creepy Crafter myself with a background in building props for the Halloween industry,” commented Brad Golden, Founder and Creepy Curator for the company. “ My vision is to create a community that brings artists and fans together to celebrate Horror and Halloween art and collectibles.” “We are currently developing our website and are inviting those interested in selling and/or buying through the marketplace to subscribe to our mailing list, so we can notify them when the site goes live.”

Golden continued, “By building a niche online marketplace, these artisans will be selling to a target market that is specifically looking for this style of art. Fans and collectors will delight in being able to shop in one place for such unique art and gifts like prints, sculptures, dolls, jewelry, candles, crocheted items, puppets and much, much more.”

Artisans will be able to set up and brand their online shop and sell their handmade wares. Additionally, the site will offer auction functionality, giving vendors a second channel through which to offer their art.

“We’re so stoked for the Creepy Crafters site to launch! Looking forward to a dedicated marketplace for all the spooktacularly talented Horror and Halloween Artists and their incredible work in one place,” says L.A.-based artist ‘CB’ of Creep Baby Studio.

Fans and Artisans alike are encouraged to subscribe for updates, announcements and contests today at www.creepycrafters.com. For questions or more information email at info@creepycrafters.com.


For media inquiries about CREEPY CRAFTERS, please call Brad Golden at [805] 423-5906, or email brad@creepycrafters.com

Share Your Haunted Michigan Tales

Thanks to the popularity of Haunted Flint we're currently seeking more ghost stories from around the state of Michigan. 

We're also seeking urban legends and tales of cryptid sightings (Bigfoot, Mothman, Lake Monsters, Le Nain Rouge, etc)

Have you had a haunting experience in Michigan?

Please share your stories with us.

Something eerie you just can't explain or a place that gives you overwhelming feelings of fear or just creepy goosebumps?

Have you personally encountered spirits, monsters, or something strange?

We're collecting stories about haunted locations to research, investigate and feature on our Facebook pages and  the blog A Bewitching Guide to Halloween,which also posts to Haunted-Flint.com. The stories may possibly lead to a future book.

By completing this form you are giving us permission to use your story in future works. In the form below you can opt in to use your real name, an alias or remain anonymous. 

You can also email story details instead of filling out the form. RoxanneRhoads69@gmail.com 

Thank you for time and tales.

The Lost Boys Shadow Cast #thelostboys

You are invited to relive The Lost Boys, one of the most iconic vampire films of all time LIVE ON STAGE with The Goblin King Players. 

For the first time since 1987 Tim Cappello, otherwise known as the sexy sax man, will be reprising his role in The Lost Boys as he joins the cast on stage. 

Watch this vampire classic come to life before your eyes where you'll be transported to the quaint seaside town of Santa Carla - Murder Capitol of the World - and all just in time for Halfway to Halloween! Costumes are encouraged!

May 8th - 8pm

May 9th - 1pm and 8pm

Tickets: $18

VIP May 9 at 5:30 pm $45: Includes meet and greet with Tim Cappello, Q&A, and autographs followed by the show at 8PM 

Get Tickets at: https://redfordtheatre.com/events/lost-boys-shadow-cast-live-on-stage/ 

Party Themes Revealed for Pumpkins and Party Themes by Roxanne Rhoads #partythemes #pumpkins #pumpkinsandpartythemes

Here are the 10 Party Themes to be featured in  my upcoming book Pumpkins and Party Themes.

Each theme showcases 5 DIY pumpkin designs to match the party theme.

Pumpkins and Party Themes
50 DIY Designs to Bring Your Halloween Extravaganza to Life
By Roxanne Rhoads

Paperback: 176 pages

Publisher: Skyhorse 

Release Date: August 4, 2020

ISBN-10: 1510751165

ISBN-13: 978-1510751163

Bring your Halloween party theme to life with these quick tips and tricks!

Pumpkins and Party Themes features ten unique party themes with five do-it-yourself pumpkin designs for each theme. The pumpkin projects have a variety of decorating ideas that include carving, painting, and mixed media craftiness and easy-to-follow steps on each creation. Author Roxanne Rhoads also includes quick ideas on how to bring the theme to life through décor, costumes, and activities. These fun party themes range from gothic elegance to Edgar Allan Poe, under the sea, let's get literary, and more!

With beautiful full-color images to illustrate the tools needed, steps to follow, and final products, this book makes for the perfect gift for Halloween enthusiasts and party hosts alike!

Pre-Order on 

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