Share Your Haunted Michigan Tales

Thanks to the popularity of Haunted Flint we're currently seeking more ghost stories from around the state of Michigan. 

We're also seeking urban legends and tales of cryptid sightings (Bigfoot, Mothman, Lake Monsters, Le Nain Rouge, etc)

Have you had a haunting experience in Michigan?

Please share your stories with us.

Something eerie you just can't explain or a place that gives you overwhelming feelings of fear or just creepy goosebumps?

Have you personally encountered spirits, monsters, or something strange?

We're collecting stories about haunted locations to research, investigate and feature on our Facebook pages and  the blog A Bewitching Guide to Halloween,which also posts to The stories may possibly lead to a future book.

By completing this form you are giving us permission to use your story in future works. In the form below you can opt in to use your real name, an alias or remain anonymous. 

You can also email story details instead of filling out the form. 

Thank you for time and tales.

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