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The Witch’s Oracle, 2nd Edition
Marla Brooks , Illustrations by Aunia Kahn, featuring Nicholas Pearson

Size: 5 1/4″ x 6″ x 1 1/2″ | 45 art cards | 128 pp

ISBN13: 9780764357831 | Binding: box set

Explore the second edition of The Witch’s Oracle through 45 innovative cards and enhanced guidebook that peers into the world of the Witch! 

Stunning artwork now includes seven brand-new inspirational cards and insightful messages, spell incantations, and gemstone/crystal alliances! 

The Pagan easy-to-navigate guide offers straightforward, gentle guidance that takes readers through both good times and bad by viewing the “big picture” to find appropriate outcomes. 

Each card includes a suggested crystal or gemstone to enhance your reading and a magickal incantation that provides energy, reinforces the card’s meaning, and helps the desired message to be sent out into the universe. In addition to the oracle reading, the deck can be used in conjunction with the Tarot or other oracles for clarification in readings when messages seem inconclusive or cryptic. A perfect divination deck for Witches and non-Pagans alike, it is for both seasoned readers and beginners.

My Review

The box artwork drew me in. Witch's Oracle Cards? Yes, please.

When I was young I used Tarot cards a lot. Then I loaned my deck to a friend...and never got it back. I bought a new deck but never really used it. Over the years I just didn't get back into reading the cards.

Several months ago during a Witches Tea Flint Tea Talks we had a card night. Everyone brought their Tarot and Oracle cards to share with the group. I rediscovered my love of Tarot cards and fell hard for oracle cards, which I had never used before. 

Ever since, I have been checking out decks, deciding which ones to get, which ones to try.

This one spoke to me. Just the cover art and box. I couldn't wait to open it and see the cards.

I was not disappointed.

Beautiful vibrant cards with a gorgeous textured damask pattern on the back. Love, love, love.

The deep, dark, vibrant colors of the cards are so very me and the simple yet stunning artwork is very appealing.

I couldn't wait to try them out and do a couple simple readings.

For reading one I pulled the Gargoyle, Dreamcatcher and the Mortar and Pestle.

I read over the card descriptions and meanings in the booklet and decided the cards were telling me to protect my dreams and creations and to be careful of what I make.

For reading two I pulled the Scarab, Salamander and Hippogriff.

I read the descriptions of the cards and their meanings. Then put them together as a whole and did an intuitive interpretation.

The result- the cards tell me that I've been trying to change myself and/or my situation for awhile. Now is the time for all my hard work and perseverance to shine.

I think these will be cards I use quite often thanks to their simplistic beauty and the connection I feel with them.

One of the secrets of doing readings is connecting with the deck. You have to feel it. The deck should speak to you in a way that helps you understand the cards and what they are trying to communicate.

This deck definitely speaks to me. I love it.

Disclosure: I received this product from Schiffer Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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