My 2019 Costume for the Endless Night Vampire Ball

So this year's costume started life as 2 dresses, a shirt, and a corset all purchased from eBay.

I chopped the skirt portion off each dress and made an over skirt and bustle with them. What I really love is that this one looks amazing with just the blue overskirt or I can add the ruffled bustle for a completely different look. It's like I made two costumes in one. Bonus!!

I used the same base black skirt as last year since I was creating basically the same style costume and it already had buttons on it. 

All I needed to make was button holes on the new overskirt and bustle. This went so much faster and easier than last year. Probably because I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I cut the skirts to fit, sewed on lace trim, and glued on black edging to the waist band areas to hide the cuts and threads. I created buttonholes lined up to the existing buttons on the black base skirt.

I made the brooch with a clay skull, a jewelry finding, paint and glitter with 2 brooch pins on the back to secure it in place on my clothing.

My husband's hat was purchased at Spirit Halloween with the skull, bones and feathers already on it. I just added blue and gold paint and some black glitter to make it match my costume. I found his blue vest and tie on Ebay. 

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