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You never know what you’ll find in the swamp, lurking in the darkness where human lights no longer reach.

Legend has it a witch lives in these woods, she’s known as the swamp witch, and she's a necromancer. 

All things dead are drawn to her – human and animal corpses, zombies, ghosts, even vampires. She draws them in and they do her bidding.

So be careful, you never know what you might come across.

What creatures will you find where the dead have been discarded and the Others have been forgotten?

Will there be witches? Vampires? Cemeteries of the dead, the undead, maybe even the walking dead?

Join us tonight as we walk along this trail of terror. 

But please, stay on the path. 

We wouldn’t want you to get lost in the swamp, out there, among…the dead things.

A couple years ago my husband and I were working on a Haunted Trail behind our house in the swampy woods. It was going to be part of a little Halloween event I was planning. 

I live in Michigan, so my swamp is very different than what people normally think of when it comes to a swamp. Most people envision New Orleans, alligators, bayou swamps. Which is fine, I have included some New Orleans flair with the food choices. 

However, I left out voodoo. Even the voodoo doll cookie decorating table I thought could be fun. I wanted my theme to be more witchy and necromancer, less voodoo.

The intro above is what I wrote when we were planning the trail. It would have been the introduction as we led guests into the spookiness.

But my husband had surgery, I had some health issues, and the trail never came to be. In the years since then we've just been too busy to even try to do a Halloween party.

We never got to create the Swamp Witch trail yet the theme has stuck in my head.

I might never get to have my swamp witch party or haunted trail, but maybe you can with these ideas.

Swamp Witch Halloween Party Theme

This theme is perfect if you have an outdoor space. 

You can create an old wood swamp shack out of pallets, the mesh Halloween fabric (black cheesecloth) you see everywhere, cobwebs, and moss.

Nature takes center stage in this theme when it comes to decor. 

Moss, gnarled branches and twigs, dry leaves... use them everywhere to create creepy swamp decor. 

Add skulls, skeletons, alligators, snakes, a huge smoking cauldron and you have all the basics.

Oh and don't forget the fog machines. You want fog rolling to add to the creepy atmosphere.

Activities for the party could include:

A haunted trail through your "swamp".

A  photo booth or selfie station (the perfect spot would be in front of that creepy swamp shack you made). If you have an iPad there are many photo booth apps available in the Apple Store. There are photo booth apps for Android users just not as many good options. The android apps don't seem to work well and all have bad reviews. You can always test them out beforehand and find one that works or just hire a professional photo booth.

A Bloody Mary Bar complete with all kinds of weird and fun things to add to your deadly drink. Miranda at Spooky Little Halloween has awesome advice for creating the best Bloody Mary Bar for a Halloween party.

Have someone "throw the bones" which is a method of fortune telling done by reading the way the bones fall. Want to give it a try? There's a book on Amazon which details how to do it.

Food and Drinks:

If you'd like to serve New Orleans style food MyGourmetConnection.com has a fun bayou party theme showcased complete with several yummy recipes.

Wow your guests with eyeball Jelly Gin & Tonic shots.

Image from Food Network, Sandra Lee's Witch's Brew

Offer up Sandra Lee's Witch's Brew in a creepy cauldron.

Spicy Southern Kitchen has a delicious sounding gumbo recipe that s making my mouth water just thinking about it.

Seafood not your thing? 

Create a menu with your food choices and decorate the food station in swampiness- draped black cheesecloth fabric, Spanish moss hanging from the table....

For more ideas check out my Swamp Witch Pinterest Board


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