Freaky Flint History with Joe Schipani - Losing Custody October 12th, 1930 #freakyflinthistory

Flint is well known for its modern violent crimes but Flint's history is filled with little known stories that read stranger than fiction. Gruesome murders, weird accidents, and violent deaths. Join us every Thursday as Joe Schipani details some of the odd but true deaths he found in Flint's archives.

Losing Custody October 12th, 1930

Kris Aagesen lived on Beech Street in a small housekeeping room he rented with his six year old son, Cliston. He and his wife had been divorced for over a year. Kris obtained custody of Cliston because his wife was unstable and moved out of state with another man. Kris had been laid off from the Fisher Body plant for a couple months.

Kris discovered that his ex-wife had returned to Flint and wanted custody of their son. Kris panicked. He knew there was no way a judge would give him custody again now that he was laid off and had no idea when he would return to work.

On the night of October 12, 1930 Kris took his son into their bedroom, laid him on the bed and started slashing his throat. After he was sure the boy was dead, he took the razor and cut his wrists.

The people who owned the house heard the screams and started running to the room. Mr. Mikesell opened the door to find the two lying in a pool of blood on the bed. The boy was already dead, but Kris was still alive.

Mr. Mikesell hollered for his nurse to call for help. He then asked Kris why would he do such a thing. Kris responded he didn’t want his wife to get custody of their son and this was the only way to stop her.

By the time the police arrived, Kris was dead.

~ Joe Schipani is the Executive Director of the Flint Public Art Project and the FFAR Project Assistant at the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.  Find him on Facebook at 

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