Creepy Christmas Cards

Are you taking part in a Creepy Christmas Card Exchange?

You can either purchase creepy cards or make your own.

Below are a few cards I made. I simply combined Halloween stickers (bats, cats and skulls) and Christmas stickers (Santa hats, trees and bows) and created my own creepy Christmas designs.

Not into DIY?

Zazzle has a great  selection of creepy cards. Just go to zazzle and search creepy Christmas cards, skull Christmas cards, spooky Christmas cards, gothic holiday cards, etc. 

I got the idea for the BGtATH creepy card exchange thanks to the collection I started last year.

The Bewitching Creations Creepy Christmas Collection. 

My daughter did the graphics for the products available through our Zazzle Store and I did the handcrafted designs available in our Etsy store.

Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas Card
Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas Card
by BewitchingDesigns
Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas Card 2

I made the Santa hats on the skulls and skeletons out of clay and painted them. The other items are hand painted as well. 

I'll be adding more Creepy Christmas items to the Etsy Stores in the next couple weeks as I restock my supply.  

I have been making Santa hats out of clay to add to the skeletons and skulls I purchased for Halloween and I've been painting creepy holiday ornaments. 

I also make Yule ornaments- witch hats, goddess images, mini brooms to hang on the tree...

The Bewitching Cauldron and The Bewitching Witchery