A Houseful of Cats- Introducing My Feline Family

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen numerous photos of my feline family.

I've had a few requests to show and tell more.

This is Slinky, he's our newest addition. He moved in June 1. He was a stray I had been feeding and taking care of for several months. When we first met he wouldn't come near me. Then it progressed to him not running away when I went to my garden.

Finally he let me pet him. After awhile he started warming up to the rest of the family and showing interest in coming in the house. 

So we made the move and now he's a pampered house cat. He transitioned so well. I think he may have been a house cat before and then someone ditched him :-( But I'm happy he is one if us now. He seems pretty happy, too.

Below is Tiretred and Meep. They were born under my porch in 2015 to a stray who thought we would make good parents. She was right. I kept two of the babies and found homes for the rest, so the siblings to Tiretred and Meep live with my friends.

Tiredtred (below) is a girl. My husband named her right after she was born, the pattern of her fur looked like a tire tread. Thus the name. Plus we thought she was a he. Turned out we were wrong but the name had already stuck.

Meep, in front, got his name from my daughter. He was the runt of the bunch and I was terrified he would not make it. When we brought them in the house he was nothing but skin and bones. The other kittens pushed him away from the food so we had to feed him separate so he would get enough to eat. 

Now he is very anxiety prone. 

He also is very OCD. This cat has a routine. Don't change it. He'll get upset. 

Every night I have to play with him before I go to bed. I use the laser and he chases the red dot until he is dizzy. If I go to bed without doing it he'll scratch at my door until I come back out and play with the laser.

One night this past summer I went out of town with a friend, so no laser play. 

Meep woke my husband up at 3 am scratching on the bedroom door so he could get up and  laser with him. My husband had no idea where the laser was. Meep knew. He walked over to my bookcase and stared at the top of it until my husband went over to it and realized that's where the laser was. So Meep got his laser time.

Tiretred is our box cat. All the cats love boxes, they are cats. But she really LOVES boxes. She will try to crawl into even the tiniest of boxes. If she doesn't fit she'll just rest her paw in the box. As long as some part of her is in or on the box she's happy.

Meep likes to sit and stare at me if he thinks I'm staying up too late. He'll judge me until I get up and play with him.


This beauty in the witch hat below is Crowley. When the kittens were still outside with their mama Crowley showed up. Just a baby himself, only about a week or two older than the oreo kitties, he was all alone and crying for someone to care for him. The awful noises he made the night he first showed up earned him the nickname Little Satan. But when he popped out of the weeds and I seen this adorable little gray kitten I was smitten. Apparently mama cat Patches was too because she adopted him as her own and he became part of the litter.

When we decided to keep him, I renamed him Crowley, thinking people might be offended at the Satan name. But keeping with the theme, I decided on Crowley based on Supernatural's King of Hell.

Aptly named, Crowley is a thief and troublemaker. Though he is also the sweetest lovey cat. He steals all the shiny things and his curiosity knows no bounds. He adores my husband and cuddles with him all the time. He likes to make the rounds to everyone, he'll come up to each of us, tap us with his paw get some pets and then move on to the next person.

The striped guy is Bullseye. Another stray. He showed up as a small kitten but he was 100% feral. It took months for my daughter to get her hands on him. Then for the longest time she was the only one that could go near him. Eventually we could all pet him and hang out with him. Then one day he didn't show up to eat. A couple days went by...then my daughter found on the porch.  Something wasn't right.

It was Memorial Day weekend.

He wasn't walking right. She was crying. I was crying. We took him to the emergency vet. They confirmed our fears, his leg was broke, but worse than that, the hip was shattered. He would need an amputation. They gave him pain meds to keep him comfortable and told us to take him to our regular vet Tuesday morning. Thank the gods our vet knew an old school vet that could possibly save the leg. Thankfully he did. 

Now our old man Bullseye has met pins in his hip which make him cranky sometimes, but for the most part he is a happy pampered house cat. Though he misses his human (my daughter) like crazy when she's away at college. I have never seen a cat show so much affection to a person. He loves on her, snuggles and gives her kisses. When she's sitting on the couch he will climb into her arms and lay down like a baby being cradled.  He's a sweetheart. 

Just DON'T PICK HIM UP. My daughter is the only one who can pick him up. Anyone else will walk away bleeding. He doesn't get violent, he just panics and claws come out. I don't know if his injury was caused from him falling, but he does not like to leave the ground. It really freaks him out.

This is when they were little poofs of fur. Continue through the photos below to see the kittens grow up.


  1. awwww! And lord knows how many times I've named a cat before making sure about the sex..lol.