Hunting for Halloween in Flint

It all started with a post from an Instagram friend in Missouri.

Midnight331 posted a photo from her local Micheals store and I instantly fell in love with the skeleton cameos- I mean they are lifesize replicas of the ones I make for jewelry and crafts. 

How could I not adore them?

I knew my store wouldn't have them yet. So I waited a few days. Then another Instagram friend, Trick_thirtyone, posted she found the cameos at her local Micheals. She's nowhere near Michigan either.

So I went hunting.

The Flint Michaels had minimal Halloween stuff, and not the good stuff I was looking for.

So I waited a week. An entire week.....

Then a local friend posted photos from the Lapeer Michaels. 

I didn't see the cameos but I sent him a screenshot and he said, yup Lapeer had them. So I thought if Lapeer had Halloween stuff out Flint must have put theirs out. I drove to Micheals, excited to see Halloween pretties. Get there and....its the same stuff they had the week before. Nothing new!!!! Gah!!!!

I just wanted the skeleton cameos. I was obsessed. I NEEDED them.

So I freaking drove to Lapeer in a rain storm and got my damn cameos. An hour round trip to a place I'd never been, thank goodness for phones and GPS.

 The Lapeer store did not disappoint.

My daughter bought the psychic sign, that's her hand holding it :-)

I wanted ALL THE THINGS but managed to walk out with just the Skeleton Cameo Couple.

Now I just need to decide where to hang them. 

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