Easy Zombie Makeup for Kids with Sensory Issues

My youngest is on the Autism spectrum. He has sensory issues which can make Halloween makeup a pain but he still wants to dress up and take part in the local zombie walk.

The first year we used the normal cream in a tube makeup you get at the Halloween stores.

There was a lot of screaming and crying- both while putting it on and scrubbing it off.

So the next year I tried something different.

He's like his dad and always has a tan, so first I needed to lighten him up, make him look more zombiefied, and provide a base for the powder cosmetics.

I used my Manic Panic Virgin Dreamtone Gothic Foundation. Real foundation that goes on smooth, not blotchy and gross like the grease paint. He didn't complain, much. 

It didn't smear and pull like it did trying to get the Halloween makeup evenly applied and blended.

I put it on his face, neck and shoulders- anything that would show outside his shirt.

Next I grabbed all my eyeshadows and brushes. 

Black, gray, silver, and multiple shades of green. 

Most of the colors I never use for anything other than Halloween.

I smudged black and gray around his eyes, under his cheekbones, and along the neck muscles and clavicle.

After that I just started brushing on the grays and greens and blending them with a big powder brush. 

My go to brushes are by EcoTools. Soft bristles and easy grip handles- plus they're eco-friendly.

He didn't seem to mind the brushes at all. He sat still, there was no crying or screaming. Win!

I topped everything with a little Manic Panic Virgin White Pressed Powder lightly patted on.

Then sealed it with Nyx Setting Spray.

I smudged a little bit of black and red lipstick on his lips. That he didn't like much. It didn't last long, I think he chewed it off. Oh well. I tried.

Then I finished the look with fake blood. Nothing fancy, just the stuff you can get at any Halloween store or the Halloween section at any grocery store. 

We topped off the look with his zombie clothes I made for him. 

I just took an old shirt and pair of pants, added some cuts, rips and tears, burned pieces with a lighter then smeared and splattered fake blood on everything. 

I even added a few smeared bloody hand prints for good measure.

Minimal makeup but it looked great and worked for him, no screaming or crying involved. 

After the Zombie Walk we washed everything off with Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Facial Cleanser. Gentle cleanser that washes everything off without scrubbing. I love it.  Once I showed him what to do he took care of it himself and easily washed everything off with no fuss.

Now this is how we always do his makeup for the Zombie Walk or any other Halloween event. I simply use a variety of eyeshadow colors  to create the look he wants.

I don't know if this will work for anyone else who has a child with sensory issues but it worked wonders for my guy.

Here's a couple photos of my family at the Flint Zombie Walk and Monster Marketplace from 2016. 

Last year the boy was sick and the girl was off at college so the hubby I were vendors and didn't do the actual walk. I missed our family tradition. :-( 


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