Using Lights to Haunt My House for Halloween

Some people love to decorate their house for Halloween with gore and use creeptastic props and jump scares to frighten.

My Halloween decor usually ranges from vintage, to whimsical to elegant. 

I'm more of a subtle mood set haunter. I'm the same when it comes to scary movies. I grew up with the old gore and slasher films, and while they were good for a scare, a laugh and a groan or two it's the haunting movies that have stuck with me over the years. The ghosts are what fascinated me and left me with chills. Poltergeist (The original 80s version), The Ring, The Woman in Black, The Sixth Sense, The Others ....

I have a goal to create a truly haunting Halloween haunt. 

I know lighting is one way to set a mood and create a spooky aesthetic. So I've been on the look out for interesting and unique lights for awhile.

Halloween 2017 - Target released a preview of their haunt collection months before they actually released it in stores. I loved a few things, bookmarked the items, added them to my wish list...then when the Halloween stuff finally went on sale...none of the things I loved were available in local stores and I couldn't order it online. I was livid. So I went on a hunt to find similar lights.

I hit the jackpot at Lowes.

I found the Gemmy Shadow Lights Rotating Light

My local Lowes had them in stock and I could order online and pick them up at my convenience. 

So Lowes totally had my back while Target failed me. (They made up for it at Christmas though- I needed elf shoes for my son and they were the only local place that had a great pair of elf slippers).

Here's a video of my testing the lights. I love the effect. Combine with darkness, a little fog, some eerie music and you get a great start to a haunt.

I wish they had lights and projectors like this with more realistic ghosts, like actual human looking ghosts with eerie blue or greenish light... how perfect would that be? Have the lamp or projector attached to a motion activated switch or pressure activated switch and as someone walks through the haunt your ghosts greet them. Insta ghost. 

I would buy that in a heart beat.

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