Pumpkin Carving with the Family

Every year my family has an annual pumpkin carving night. It's a tradition the entire family looks forward to.

For many years I grew a garden full of pumpkins and we would all go out and choose our pumpkins, the last couple years we had some issues with the garden area and were not able to plant anything there. Hoping this year that is finally resolved because I really miss my pumpkin patch.

2017 was also kinda sad because it was the first year my daughter didn't carve with the family. She was six hours away in her dorm room at college. But we still carved, my husband, me and our two boys. A small group compared to to 2016 when we not only had our family but my best friend's family celebrating Halloween and carving pumpkins with us.

I am hoping 2018 is an incredible Halloween year even if my girl will once again be 6 hours away. Maybe we'll do a skype or snapchat live chat and carve pumpkins together like that.

Does your family have any Halloween traditions?

Here are some of our pumpkins from the past.

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