The Year Was 2008 and I Was All About the Eco + Easy DIY Tutorials for Favor Boxes

In my quest for reusing and re-purposing items to be more eco-friendly, I crafted with things I had on hand. 

For Halloween 2008 this is what I came up with- cats, bats, pumpkins and more out of laundry bottles, coffee creamer bottles, yogurt cups, cardboard rolls, and metal cans.

My DIY tutorial for the skull box even appeared in the November 2008 issue of Pack-o-Fun magazine.

Here's the DIY for 2 Styles of Boxes

Empty cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towel are one thing that everyone seems to have.
My kids love to play with them to make binoculars and all sorts of fun playthings.
I have found several creative ways to transform toilet paper rolls. Favor boxes for special occasions and parties are one way to put them to good use.
Anyone can easily take empty rolls and turn them into fun party favors, especially for Halloween.
I have included two different designs for Halloween fun, a bejeweled black cat and a simple purple and black box.

If you are using paper towel rolls, cut them in half so you have two equal size rolls.

Materials Needed for Bejeweled Black Cat:
Toilet paper roll
Black acrylic paint
Black craft foam for ears (can also use felt, cardboard painted black or even heavy duty paper, whatever you have on hand)
Assorted shapes and colors of plastic flat backed jewels (buttons, charms and other little tidbits you may have in your craft box will also work)
Silver pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Silver or white paint pen or marker
1) Paint the toilet paper rolls black, may need two or three coats for good solid coverage
2) Sort through jewels to find pink triangles for inside of ears, a pink circle or other shape suitable for the nose, and green or yellow diamond or tear drop shapes for eyes (or substitute with something you have on hand)
3) Grab a couple silver pipe cleaners and cut into six pieces around 2 ½ to 3 inches long
4) Twirl the pipe cleaner pieces around a pencil to make them curl, then stretch them out so they are twisted but not completely curled
5) Once the paint is dry plug in the glue gun and let it heat up
6) Cut little triangles out of the craft foam (or cardboard or paper) for the ears
7) Glue the ears to the top of the kitty
8) Glue pink triangles inside ears
9) Glue eyes onto cat’s face
10) Glue the nose on
11) Now glue the whiskers on one by one
13) Draw on a mouth with the pen or marker
Now it’s ready to be filled with tiny goodies and passed out at your party.
For a Simple and Elegant Favor Box:

For this favor you just need black paint, scissors, and black, purple and orange curling ribbons.
1) Paint the roll and let dry.
2) Cut a long piece of curling ribbon and wrap around the box. Instead of tying in a bow leave the excess ribbon hanging after you tie a knot.
3) Cut a shorter piece of same color ribbon and tie around the knot in the opposite (diagonal direction)
4) Do the same thing with a piece of black ribbon in the opposite direction
5) Now use the scissors to make all of the ribbons curl
You end up with a mass of curls that make the box simple yet fun

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