Crafty Musings with Roxanne: Casting with Resin Round Two

I completed round two of my resin casting experiment. I think the cameos once again turned out pretty good.

Mixing the resin parts A and B first before adding the color seemed to help on the density of the items once they cured.

However some are still kind of soft and floppy. It must be the color additive. I'll have to do some research and see if there is something, a sealant perhaps, that will harden the resin more.

I did learn something else about color- there are two types of dye to add. One leaves the resin transparent the other makes it opaque. I'll have to pay attention when I purchase future color. This time I just bought the first thing I found.

The red came out more transparent than the black and also created a softer cured resin. The red is more floppy than the black.  The white cured nice and hard this time. The black did as well.

Live, learn, and keep experimenting right?

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