Navigating Stormy Seas: The Interplay of Greek Mythology, Tarot Cards, and "War of the Sea"

In the intricate world of literature and mysticism, the wisdom of Greek mythology often intertwines with the symbolic nature of tarot cards, casting new light on new narratives. Dana Claire's captivating fantasy book, "War of the Sea," serves as a perfect example. The story explores complex characters navigating treacherous seas, personal vendettas, and alliances, mirroring the tumultuous journey through life represented by tarotcards, and steeped in the drama of Greek mythology.

Captain Elouise Farrington: Strength and The Chariot

Captain Elouise Farrington, the youngest pirate on the Caviar Sea, is a character of determination and strength. This aligns well with the tarot card, Strength, which signifies courage, inner power, and determination, qualities Captain Lou consistently demonstrates as she leads her all-female crew on the rough waters. Just as the Strength card encourages us to tame our inner and outer beasts, Captain Lou battles external forces while grappling with her inner demons of misplaced revenge against Captain Rylander.

Moreover, her life journey is akin to the symbolism of The Chariot, a card representing conquest, willpower, and triumph over obstacles. Elouise's relentless pursuit of her father's killer and her critical decisions embody the very essence of this card.

King Delphi (Apollo) and his son, Captain Rylander Bordeaux: The Sun and Temperance

Apollo's association with the sun and healing can be likened to his son Captain Rylander Bordeaux's aspirations. Just as Apollo brings light and healing, Rylander seeks to bring peace to the chaotic and war-ridden seas, much like the healing rays of the sun after a storm. This connection also aligns Rylander and his father, Apollo, with The Sun card in tarot, which represents joy, success, celebration, and positivity.

Moreover, Apollo was known for his musical talents, using his lyre to charm gods and mortals alike. This mirrors Rylander's hypnotic charm giving him the ability to transfix his prey with his musical voice.

Another tarot card that can be associated with Rylander and Apollo is Temperance. This card signifies balance, moderation, and patience. Rylander's delicate navigation between war and peace, vengeance and alliance, reflects the balancing act symbolized by Temperance. Like Apollo, who was often considered a god of harmony and order, Rylander must follow his father’s footsteps and find a balance in the midst of chaos.

The Siren Queen: The High Priestess and The Empress

The Siren Queen, the powerful antagonist of "War of the Sea," can be compared to The High Priestess, a tarot card representing intuition, mystery, and divine knowledge. Just as The High Priestess possesses esoteric knowledge, the Siren Queen holds control over the sea and its creatures.

Additionally, as a powerful female figure, the Siren Queen can be compared to The Empress, a card symbolizing motherhood, femininity, and abundance. The Siren Queen's reign over the sea and her clan resonates with The Empress's dominion over abundance and fertility.

Smitter (Hermes): The Magician

The Magician is a tarot card that signifies skill, resourcefulness, and power. It is a card of manifestation, using one's talents to create desired outcomes. The Greek god Hermes, known as the messenger of the gods and the deity of commerce and cunning, who also poses as the second in command on Captain Rylander’s ship, corresponds well to The Magician. Just as Hermes uses his wit and charm to navigate the world, The Magician uses resources at hand to manipulate his environment. Just as Smitter uses his godly powers to help his nephew and his pursuit to end the War of the Sea.


Greek Mythology: The Sea of Trials

The setting of "War of the Sea," with its turbulent waters, mythological creatures, and violent conflicts, brings to mind the stories from Greek mythology. The sirens, for instance, are mythical creatures from Greek literature, known for luring sailors to their deaths with their enchanting music. The struggle against these sea creatures and the overarching War of the Sea parallel epic battles from Greek myths, adding a layer of ancient drama to the narrative the same way Tarot cards tell their own story of trials and tribulations.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, characters in "War of the Sea" can be envisaged as living embodiments of tarot cards, serving as symbols carrying forward the messages and teachings of the ancient tarot cards. As we immerse ourselves in their journeys, we are subtly guided to deeper layers of understanding, broadening our perspective, and prompting us to navigate our own life challenges with increased wisdom and insight.

War of the Sea - Kickstarter
Olympian Wars
Book One
Dana Claire

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Chamberlain Publishing House
ISBN: 9798987263563
Number of pages: 270
Word Count: 80,000
Cover Artist: Brush Media Group

Tagline: A bargain. A brigand. A battle for the sea.

Book Description:

His powers could save the ocean. Her vendetta could sink a kingdom.

Captain Elouise Farrington, the youngest pirate on the Caviar Sea, seeks revenge on her father’s killer. But when her oddly hypnotic foe proposes a pact to kill the Siren Queen and end the War of the Sea’s bloodshed, she must make a choice. Put aside her long-brewing retribution or act the underhanded pirate and use the alliance to claim the life of the man who destroyed her family?

Captain Rylander Bordeaux, the revered royal navy captain of the Isle of Cava, has one mission—kill the Siren Queen and end the War of the Sea. The ocean is the only place Rylander calls home, but to bring peace to his beloved waves, he must defeat his past so he can reshape the future. His greatest hope is Captain Elouise, who calls to him like no siren song ever has. Too bad she’s almost as bloodthirsty as the fanged heart-eaters themselves. She promises to lend her all-female crew to his war on the sirens, but can he trust a brigand—especially one who wants him dead—to uphold her end of the bargain? Or will she be his undoing?



Our mouths met once again, hungry and desperate, as I lifted her into my arms. Her chemise rose and bunched in between us. My palms cupped her exposed thighs, urging them to encircle my waist. I walked us backward to the bed, never breaking our kiss, and slowly lowered her down, careful to bear my weight against my forearm. I savored the softness of her lips, the warmth of her breath mingling with mine, as her fingers wove into my hair. Pleasure and pain radiated through my scalp as she pulled the ends with her iron grip, her moans urging me on. With my free hand, I explored her, tracing the lines of her neck, the softness of her breasts. Her body arched in response, a silent plea for more.

I continued my journey, my hand tracing the curve of her hip, slipping beneath her knee, and wrapping her leg around me once more. The connection between us grew stronger, an unspoken understanding that we were meant to be entwined, a meeting of souls. And then, with a surge of anticipation, I pressed into her, feeling her heat and the electric pulse of our bodies against one another.

She pulled back, her eyes locking onto mine, reflecting a hunger and longing that mirrored my own. A mischievous smile played upon her lips as her fingers toyed with the button on my trousers. But before she undid it, I heard a noise. Footsteps.

“It’s probably a good idea to tell you both I’m in the room.” Smitter’s voice sounded somewhere behind me, way too close to the bed, to us.

I jumped backward, lost my balance, and stumbled to the floor. My rear landed hard. Lou swathed herself in a wad of sheets.

“I had hoped you’d come up for air, but there’s really no good way to interrupt.” He waved in between us.

“I’m going to kill you,” I growled from the floor. Out of all the times my uncle had popped in and out of a room, this had to be the most invasive and humiliating.

“Why would you …? I can’t— Don’t you ever do that again,” Lou shouted, horrified. Her hands balled around the sheets. Flushed like a sunburned noble, she volleyed her gaze between me, half clothed on the floor, and Smitter. Her knotted hair stuck up on top of her head.

“Yes, I realize it’s not great timing, but the two of you need your rest. We drop anchor tomorrow on the perimeter of Anthemusa. The men have already been moved to the soundproof rooms. And we need to strategize how you’ll slay the Siren Queen, now that our first plan is no longer viable.” Smitter’s concerned brown eyes found mine. “Also, your aunt said this isn’t the right time for”—he swirled a finger in our general direction—“this.”

Lou’s brows contorted. “What? Who is your aunt?” She gaped at me.

I waved Lou off. Aunt Artemis, the goddess of childbirth, would know when Lou should abstain, but I wasn’t about to have that conversation. I bent my knees, resting my elbows on my thighs, and rubbed my temples. My family had truly outdone themselves. Not a single boundary nor a clue as to how their incessant involvement could be a nuisance.

About the Author:

DANA CLAIRE is an award-winning author whose stories explore identity, fate, and destiny in the crossroads of romance and adventure. 

Her love of romantic tension and the supernatural effortlessly translates into spine-tingling action and unforgettable characters. 

She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her adoring husband living her dreams: writing books, telling stories, and changing the world, one reader at a time. 

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