Witchy Wednesday: Summer Prosperity Ritual

Intent: To Receive Prosperity and Abundance

Deity: Hekate

Day of the Week:  Not as important as the weather- perform on a sunny day leading up to the summer solstice  

Candles and Colors:

Red, Yellow, Orange for the fiery colors of the sun 




Tiger’s Eye

Incense: Rose

Minerals, Herbs, and Oils:

Blend all the herbs and dress the candles with them, sprinkle the remaining mixture on your altar



Bay leaves






Personal Symbols and Accessories:


Summer Flowers


Acorns, Oak Leaves, Twigs

Coins, paper money, symbols of prosperity


Create a Summer Altar Dedicated to Hekate

Leave offerings of honey, bread and cheese include enough so you can eat some and leave some for the Goddess. If multiple people are participating have enough for everyone.

Make Sun Tea (Chamomile with Ginger and Honey) make ahead of time so it is brewed and ready for the ritual, prepare with ginger and/or honey before ritual. If multiple people are participating, have enough for everyone.

Connect with the power of the sun, bask in its light. Wrap yourself in purifying rays as you let go of the past. Cleanse and charge yourself for the future.

Offer gratitude and open yourself to abundance before casting the circle

Insight Timer set to a sound of 432 Hertz

Cast a Circle:

Place appropriate representational items at cardinal points (North Earth- plant, acorn, twig, or leaf; East Air -Incense, bee symbology; South Fire –Candles; West Water -container of water)

Use the singing bowl, play it as you turn in each direction, and call quarters

I call upon the North, element of Earth, please nurture us and bless us with your abundance. I call upon East, element of air; please blow away our troubles and despair.  I call upon South, element of fire; please lend your energy to creating positive financial opportunities. I call upon west, element of water; please share with us your passion.  I call upon Spirit; please lend us your guidance and light. Please circle and protect us while we do magic, share your power with us.

We welcome the Goddess Hekate to our circle, to join us near this summer’s solstice to bless us with her gifts of abundance and prosperity. We are grateful to be able to bask in the summer sun and delight in the bounty of the season.


Goddess Hekate

Queen of the Witches

Mother of Us All

Bright Goddess of the Sun

Bless Us This Day

With Prosperity and Abundance

Clear the Path

Open the Way

Give Us the Keys to Open Doors

To Abundance and Prosperity

Provide Us with the Tools We Need

To Continually Bring Abundance

Into Our Lives

Guide with Your Torches

Bless Us with the Keys We Need

With Gratitude and Love

We Ask This Of You

On This Bright Summer’s Day

Our Goddess Hekate

Drink the tea and eat some of the offerings on the altar, leaving the rest for Hekate. 

As you eat and drink think about the abundance you already have in your life and feel gratitude. Then think about receiving gifts of abundance, and open yourself to all the possibilities of abundance and prosperity.

Bask in the light of the sun and heat of summer before releasing the elements of the circle.



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