Psychobilly Date Night with Gigi from Gigi’s Monster Garage by Loretta Kendall #MonsterRomance #RomCom

Psychobilly Date Night with Gigi

A modern-day Bride of Frankenstein's fashion must-haves.

A non-nonsense monster, Gigi is a no-frills type of gal but loves a pop of lip color against her lovely green skin. 

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The black ornate packaging alone is enough to turn heads.


It's all in her undead eyes with this smoky green eye shadow. Her two favorite colors against her unnatural green flesh make her grey-blue eyes swoon-worthy. The yellow and green tones would look great on humans or the most stylish of monster gals. Try these vibrant neon tones from Bloody Mary Cosmetics over a soft neutral base and blend with any light beige for a human natural look. 

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Don't stop there because Gigi and her fashion-forward rockabilly friends invite you to join them as they swing dance the night away in vintage horror monster style. 

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Gigi’s Monster Garage
Ghouls and Gals 
Book One
Loretta Kendall 

Genre: Monster Romance, RomCom
Publisher: Loretta Kendall 
Date of Publication: April 16th
Number of pages: 306
Word Count: 89,000
Cover Artist: LK Creative 

Tagline:  “I’m a rockabilly love’n, hot-to-trot mechanic with a need for speed. A little sass and not much class, but I'll keep you entertained and your car in the lane.” ~ Gigi Stein

Book Description:

Take a wild ride with Gigi, the former bride of Frank N. Stein, as she navigates the world of rat rod racing and explores the unfamiliar territory of understanding love. With a sassy rockabilly style and a lot of attitude, this stitched-up bad girl will capture your heart with lots of laughs along the way. Join her and her misfit friends, including an adorable Venus flytrap who can be a little naughty. Be careful and read the warning signs in the lobby - Molly Sue bites!

Get ready for motor-revving action as Gigi discovers the truth of the lost romance of her human past, uncovering a hidden agenda for why she’s not like others of her kind. Made for humans and monsters alike, Frank-n-people are nothing more than entertainment and sensual gratification for their owners, created by a madman. Not accepting that as her fate, this undead girl is blazing a path of her own.

With the mad scientist Victor’s decision to grant Gigi free will, she has mustered up enough strength to part ways with her abusive ex-husband, following a cataclysmic event that forces vintage horror monsters into the human realm. When she crosses paths with Fox Adams - a lonely human drifter, he wants to work alongside the beautiful, green-skinned drag racing icon in her infamous monster garage. Confused by the attraction to a man with dreams of racing stardom, it forces her to look into who her host body really is if she wants a future with Fox. Together, they form an unlikely bond that will show her she wasn’t just made to be a living Frank-n-mate doll. She was made for love.

Excerpt 2: Sweet Scene

“...It’s not good for people to have to dwell on death.”

Dropping her head to fiddle with her garage jumper’s zipper, she let out a breath.

“I worry about that. Some girls get deactivated when they remember their past. Frank-n-people can go mad when they remember how they died. They become obsessed with who they were before.”

Taking his eyes off the road for a moment, Fox wasn’t about to hear that. “Hell, no. I won’t let them de-animate you. They’ll have to kill me before I let that happen.”

In a fit of sudden anger at the thought, Fox pulled to the side of the road with tires screeching. The old truck's body shook violently as it came to a stop and dust from the roadside swirled around them.

The dirt that wafted in through the air vents made her choke as she looked at Fox like he’d lost his ever loven’ mind.

“Are you nuts? What is wrong with you?”

“I won’t let them do that to you. You’re not undead, Gigi. I’ve seen others like you. Those other creations are just basically walking, talking drones. You are nothing like them. You have a soul with real-life emotions and a beating heart.”

“That’s not true, Fox. I was made for Frank. He only wanted sex and a maid, so that was my design. It may not have been exactly what he ordered, but it’s how it is. Girls like me are made to serve. That’s it.”

“Really? Then why is it you have free will? Why are you not still bowing down to his every whim? And why the hell was he the only Frank-n-man to have a mate made for him since the original Frankenstein monsters? I’ve seen enough of those sex dolls to know they do whatever their masters say. You don’t call him master, nor do you ever refer to him as anything other than an abusive asshole. That, and whatever other choice word you can think of. If you were made for him, you wouldn’t hate him so much.”

“So, I’m just… stronger than the others. Maybe I’m a defective model.”

Fox nodded in agreement to that because she was right. “Yeah, you are. And for whatever reason, your creator let you be an individual, and that defect is absolute perfection. Maybe he didn’t want to see you as Frank’s slave. For whatever reason, he made you unique. Dare I say… human.”

Gigi didn’t know what to say. He was right, but no one had ever spoken to her like that. Even her friends never brought up her creator in such a way, except for Bear. She had wondered why she was different and why didn’t Victor keep to his sex doll plans.

“You’re special, stitches. And I for one, am thankful for it. You’re a kindhearted soul, and whatever you’re afraid of with Frank, I’ll fight to the death to protect you. I know Bear would too because that guy sees you like his little sister. He’s a good guy—you both are.”

“You barely know me,” she pouted.

“Yeah, but maybe I’m a man who sees you as more than just some sex toy to get off on. Others might see you that way, but I don’t. If I ever had the pleasure of making love to a woman as wonderful as you, it wouldn’t be about sex.”

“Oh yeah? Then what would it be?” she asked with a snarky tone, but still wanting to know.

Leaning in, Fox traced his finger down her lightning bolt scar, making her eyes slam shut expecting pain to come next. But it didn’t, making her curious as to why. His fingers traced her scar like it was a precious beauty mark and a soft breath escaped her lips when realizing he had no intention of hurting her.

When his lips grazed her earlobe, he answered, “It would be pure ecstasy. I’d make you feel things no man ever could. I’d show you what your heart wants, but you're too afraid to see.”

About the Author:

Loretta Kendall started her life with a dream and a story in her mind. For as long as she can remember, she was a storyteller, sharing tales with her friends from her overactive imagination.

After twenty-two years as an image consultant in the beauty and entertainment industry, the Indiana native revisited her childhood love for books while continuing working in photography and graphic arts. As a graphic designer she also spends her time creating book covers and marketing materials for advertising for clients.

She has been writing full time since 2017 following an amazing writing journey that led to the completion of several novellas, novels, serial stories on popular book apps, and anthologies. An award winning, traditional, and self-published author, Loretta has a passion for creating happily ever after romance stories with the perfect mix of steamy and slow burn moments. A hopeless romantic, she lives her own happily ever after of twenty-seven years of wedded bliss with her husband being a plant mom to her favorite Venus flytrap, Molly Sue.

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