Dainty Damsels: Halloween Collection 2022 by J.N. Sheats #Fantasy #ColoringBook

Real Haunted Locations

At age twelve my family moved over the mountain from where we used to live. In comparison the town was small, but big to us considering the even smaller town we moved from. It was a great place, small enough to have local farmers markets, craft shows, and town festivals, but big enough that there was a mall. 

With the bigger location came many more ghost stories about random abandoned houses and buildings on otherwise busy streets, but none was quite as spooky or bone-chilling as the Halloween house. It was named as such because it was painted black and orange, with a few splashes of blue paint here and there. 

It was the type of house parents driver faster by for some reason, and no one of adult size really talks about. However, kids have their own stories about the place. Stories that give little children nightmares and make the even smaller ones cry when they hear them.

Owned by a crazy old man that wanders the town muttering to himself, everyone knows him or has seen the old guy. He rambles on and on to himself walking up and down the streets of the town. You see him at a store and you make sure to cross ails to get away from him.

Everything he does makes you uncomfortable, and his very presence put you ill at ease. The house is no different. People have moved away simply because the house puts them on edge. They couldn’t keep neighbors in the houses beside and across from the Halloween house, so now the house is surrounded by warehouses, and curiously enough a daycare just across the street. 

It’s said inside is like a maze, full of different doors that led to nowhere, staircases that fall into nothing, random rooms no one can enter into, and a dungeon where the old man traps people to feed them to the ghosts that haunt him. This old man believed ghosts followed him everywhere, and they were coming through portals in his house. 

Every night he would go back to his house using a different door or window every time to enter. Sometimes he would be carrying sacks with his victims because if the ghosts were eating someone else, they weren’t eating him. The house is still there today, still surrounded by warehouses, but the daycare has moved. 

It’s said it had to close down because too many children went missing while playing outside close to the Halloween house. Some say the old man still wanders around town but only at night, others say his ghosts finally got him, and he passed away. Another story tells about a monster living inside the house. 

A Monster that the old man knew how to keep happy and satisfied with the blood of children. 

Yet another tale tells about the man killing his wife and building the house around her body parts. He’s so heartbroken that he wanders the town talking to. Whatever the story there is some facts. The house still stands to this day, it’s still the same black and orange with blue color, and people still drive quickly past the house day or night. 

Dainty Damsels: Halloween Collection 2022
Dainty Damsels Coloring Books
Book Twelve
J.N. Sheats

Genre: Fantasy Coloring Books 
Date of Publication: 09/04/2022
ISBN: 979-8849735702 
Number of pages: 72
Cover Artist: J.N. Sheats

Book Description:

Spooky season is here and so are the Dainty Damsels with a new 30 page collection of illustrations by J.N. Sheats. 

Grab your pens, pencils, and markers and get to coloring! 

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About the Author:

A creative mind trapped in a world of reality Jackie Sheats expresses herself in anyway that she can. From illustrating and writing to dancing like a mental patient while preparing dinner. Living in Maryland with her logic driven husband, their six cats, the dog, and a tank full of fish, Jackie spends her free time doing the backlog of housework. A movie junkie, video game addict, and lover of romance novels, she lives life under the idea that "if you don't know how to do something, go learn it!"

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  1. What a perfect gift for Halloween! I would have so much fun coloring with my granddaughters, I need the whole collection of these coloring books. Thank you for sharing your guest post, bio and book details, I have enjoyed reading this post