Michigan Black Hat Society #MichiganBHS #MichiganBlackHatSociety #WitchyWednesday

Did you know that I'm the Affiliate Chair for the Michigan Black Hat Society? I'm also on the High Council for the National Black Hat Society.

We are here to support and celebrate Michigan’s diverse community. No matter if your beliefs are Atheist, Polytheist, somewhere in between or none at all. We are here to preserve and maintain the dignity and honor of being a Pagan, Witch, Healer, Heathen, Earth Child, all-around accountable human beings, and good stewards of Earth.

We believe that in a World where the technology that drives our society and the currency that circulates it can fail at any given moment, the Practices and teachings of our Ancestors are more important than ever and must be preserved. We value the beliefs, sacred or profane, of all Practitioners.

All Paths are honored and respected amongst everyone in our Society as we expect the same in return. #NoTwoPathsAreTheSame

We provide a safe and welcoming community to celebrate and commune together free of judgment and political banter. We support our community in many ways, from sponsoring events to donating to our fund-raising partners and working with our vetted businesses.

Michigan Black Hat Society™ respects the ways of our Ancestors and will continue sharing traditions and teachings now and for generations to come.

Membership is Free 

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