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I've been playing with ideas for my Patreon for a few weeks, Adding stuff, creating tiers....and nothing felt right. 

I wasn’t sure what I had to offer.

I wanted to do something different. At first, I thought maybe do witchy things- advice, spells, how to write your spells, divination… stuff like that.

But there’s so much already out there. You can find that information anywhere. I personally follow at least 50 different social media accounts, blogs, and podcasts that do that very same thing.

So I've been brainstorming. What can I do, what could I possibly offer that isn't already on my social media, on my blogs, or in my books.

I think I finally figured it out.

I visit a lot of haunted places, take pictures, and do my own little brand of investigating. And I don't post much about it on social media. Everywhere I go I look up haunted spots in that city or town and I visit them.

So I have photos, haunted history, and my own personal experiences from those locations that I can share.

And I collect antiques and historical items, some from the places I visit. 

My brain also likes to search out weird little tidbits of history, strange places, true crime stuff, and whatever odd little thing that pops up and I do a deep dive into the rabbit hole to discover everything I can about it.

Like the other day I discovered that there used to be this place near Gaylord, Michigan called the Underground Forest. It was one of those kitschy roadside attractions so popular in the mid-twentieth century.

Numerous people had posted blogs and tumblers about how this place was so cool, that they visited when they were kids, and they're so sad that it's gone. 

After a little bit of research and I discovered that when I 75 came through it shut them down because it rerouted traffic away from their roadside location. They closed in 1965. 

But they moved and re-branded. In 1965 Call of the Wild opened and they are still open. They’re in Gaylord and they have the same things that were in the Underground Forest plus so much more.

That’s just one example of the weird and odd little tidbits that I find, rabbit holes that I fall down.

You can follow me down those rabbit holes.

So I think that's my Patreon = haunted locations, weird history, ghost stories, strange places, and odd information.

And I’m working on creating merch. 

If you love haunted locations, history, true crime, and other random weirdness please join me on my Patreon   

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