Sorry I've Been MIA - A Quick Update

I'm sorry there was not much added to this blog in 2021. My creativity was at zero.

2021 was a horrible year for me. 

My mother passed away in February. That left me gutted and the grief is still with me every day. She was my final link to the past. I am the only child of an only child. The only family I have now are my husband and children. 

In October, I received horrible health news. I am praying that 2022 brings me good health.

Overall- I had 3 surgeries in 2021. One in February, one in November, and one in December. 

2022 I'm trying to move forward and heal. 

I do have some good news to share- another Haunted America book will release this year. 

Amid all the grief, pain, and chaos, I have been researching and writing Ghosts and Legends of Genesee and Lapeer Counties

If all goes well, it will release in time for the 2022 Halloween season.


  1. Sorry to hear that Roxanne - I hope you feel better soon.

  2. So sorry to hear! Hope you have a much better 2022! Love & health to you & your family!