So Dead Podcast Episode 78- GHOSTED 3.0

At about the 20:30 mark, Jenn will start reading my story about my haunted house and all the ghosties I live with. Thank you, Jenn, for sharing my spooky tales.
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About the So Dead Host:

Jenn Carpenter is a Lansing native with a love for true crime, tacos, and her house full of boys and dogs. In 2016, she founded Demented Mitten Tours, Mid-Michigan’s premier paranormal/true crime touring company. She is the author of Haunted Lansing, which was released by Arcadia Publishing in 2018. Her second book with Arcadia, The Cereal Killer Chronicles, is set for a 2021 release. She is also the owner of Deadtime Stories: True Crime and Other Books and the founder of A Festival of Oddities. Her obsession with the macabre often keeps her up at night, so when she’s not creeping people out with one of her weird stories, she can be found napping (or Netflixing- which usually just leads back to napping.) 

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