Review of a Custom Stencil from Lazer Designs

I've been wanting a Bewitching Book Tours logo stencil for a while. 

I've tried to get one created through a couple different vendors on Etsy but they always tell me the logo is too detailed or they can't do it for some reason or another. 

So when LazerDesigns contacted me about reviewing their custom stencils I was super excited to find out they could create a stencil with my business logo.

I received the stencil last week and had planned on testing it out over the weekend but life had other ideas. My craft room is a mess due to ongoing electrical work on the house. The electrical panels happen to be in my craft room. 😟

Hopefully, by the end of this week, it'll be done.

Unfortunately, I'm booked through mid-November so I probably won't get a chance to do any creative, crafty projects until late November or into December.

However, the stencil looks amazing. It feels sturdy and should hold up great for whatever paint I decide to use. And it should last through quite a few projects. I've had flimsier stencils that held up OK so I'm sure this one will survive whatever I put it through.

I'm planning on making a sign, a tote bag, and maybe a t-shirt. We'll see how it works out. I will post updates once projects are made. 

Thank you LazerDesigns for the perfect Bewitching Book Tours stencil.

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