Real Haunted Locations with Laura A.H. Elliott - The Point Sur Light Station

I lived in Big Sur for a while and had an opportunity to tour The Point Sur Light Station for a haunted tour. It sits upon a volcanic rock about 361 feet high. About 19 miles south of Carmel and the Monterey Peninsula, it’s located on one of the most beautiful drives and treacherous seas in the world. It’s only been in the last forty years that the ocean didn’t completely encircle the lighthouse during high tides and strong storms. In order to create a space for the buildings that would house the four keepers and their families, the top of the rock was blasted with dynamite to carve a narrow, even sliver of land. In 1889 a Head Keeper and three assistants and their families staffed the lighthouse and fog signal 24 hours a day and lived an isolated life. The coast lands below are still used for cattle grazing as it has been for centuries, since it belonged to Spain. Nothing much has changed. The lighthouse's last keeper left in 1974.

The kids of the light station often played on the tramway cars. The tramway had been constructed to hoist supplies brought by land, most often by sea, up the cliff to the residences, lighthouse and blacksmith shop. Three-hundred-and-sixty-four stairs were also available for the trip. One day, a little girl hopped in one of the cars to ride it down. But, the car wasn’t secured as it should have been. The little girl went flying down the cliff. She survived the fall but had been tossed into the sea. As a result of the exposure to the icy Pacific the little girl came down with pneumonia and died in her bedroom on the top floor of the Tri-level house, still located on the property today. Sailors tell tales of the little girl standing on the rocks during storms with a warning, in a small clear voice, “Go back,” she says, “Go back.” Those that heed the little girl’s cry make safe harbor. Those that don’t never see their loved ones again for the seas swallow them whole.

But, don’t take my word for are the notes from the investigation done by the Ghost Explorers.

“Perched on a huge volcanic rock on the shores of Big Sur is the Point Sur Light Station. This looming landmark was built in 1887. We were about to scale it and set up our investigation. It doesn’t have a looming history of deaths or Light Keeps gone mad, but it does offer an intense taste of what it was like to live on the rock, isolated from town. 

We arrived shortly before sunset, and the wind was already proving to be an enemy. As the night progressed, it became more and more like a freight train. Five investigators total, we unpacked our equipment and began setting up. We set up our base on the first floor of the Assistant Light Keeper’s Quarters or “Triplex” as it is known. At one time up to three families lived in these quarters, sometimes single men. Small quarters divided into three small apartments. These were very small rooms on the third level and you really got a cramped feeling here. We set up a camera in the triplex on the third level and placed a digital audio recorder with this camera as well as one in the second level. Some of the claims in this building range from coughing heard to footsteps.

The next location would be across the yard to the main light keeper's quarters. This was a two story building. We set up three cameras total in this location, two on the first floor, and one on the second floor. In this building some of the claims were that of footsteps going up and down the stairwell, as well as wood pieces that would move from one room to another on their own volition on a daily basis. Audio recorders were placed downstairs by the kitchen area as well in the family room on the mantle. One was placed upstairs in the room to the left as you came upstairs. At approx 9:36 pm we began our first EVP session in the main light keepers house. Four investigators conducted the session, there were some moments when downstairs in the front room we heard voices. When we went upstairs we could hear what sounded like footsteps on the stairs. The audio in the MLKQ proved to be quite interesting, first capturing a male voice when no one was present in the house, as well as a recording of the footsteps on the stairs and downstairs as the team did a session upstairs. The investigators even remarked they could hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. One EMF detector that went off in the kitchen area downstairs even had an accompanying “yeah” after the alarm. Unfortunately on the video side of things, our cameras were not operating correctly. The second story camera had all power turned to the off position, and when we did a check, we turned them on, but then the IR lights were not working correctly. The two downstairs cameras did work, yet nothing was captured.

Two investigators did go to the lighthouse “fog room” to do an EVP session. The investigators used only audio capture, carrying two recorders. What was caught was one male voice saying “Get out.” This was captured on both recorders. Also a response to a question asked was answered with a male “Yes.”

Lastly the triplex proved to be interesting. Investigators that went to the third floor of the triplex did feel uneasy there. EMF sweep proved to have hits that could not be explained. Some activity proved to be centered on a particular investigator, who when he had the Tri-field showed extreme jumps at questions. Quite a bit of drafts did make us uneasy when on the third level. There was audio picked up at this time with a child-like voice as well as female voices. Two audio recorders placed on the second level of the triplex failed within two hours of recording. They turned off on their own. A female voice exclaimed “I'm freezing here” and a simple “can you communicate with us” was followed with a hushed female answer of 
Yes.” All in all the triplex was very interesting. It had that “feel.” The evidence was mainly audio. With over a dozen EVP’s we are convinced that someone is still there in those empty rooms. All you have to do is listen.

We began to wrap up at 2:30 am. Tired and wind still blowing as well as fog thick as pea soup. We made our way down the rock. This place was amazing. We really are so appreciative to have been given the opportunity to investigate this true treasure. The light station is in the midst of renovation, however you can still tour it, and they even do ghost tours and day tours. It is a wonderful piece of history, and it shows the dedication of these men and their families to light the way to many a traveler on the high seas. Visit: for more information.” 

Shadow Slayer
Shadow Series 
Book Two
Laura A.H. Elliott

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Ghost Press
Date of Publication:  September 28, 2012
ISBN: 978-1479388189
Number of pages: 184
Word Count:  54,298
Cover Artist: Laura Elliott 

Tagline: Shadows Will Do Anything To Become Human

Book Description: 

Shadows will do anything to become human. You see their influence every day. You say things you don’t mean or do things that aren’t like you. You look different. Friends you’ve known forever suddenly never call. 

As a freshman, Roxie just wants to fit in which is impossible because she barely runs into her friends at her huge high school. Adrianne’s disappearance and Hayden’s attention rock Roxie’s world. But nothing rocks it like the most gorgeous guy at school, Drew. And nothing is more important to Roxie than astral projecting back to Planet Popular to solve the mystery of the map. 

But that changes when Drew invites Roxie to homecoming. Hayden warns her that something’s wrong. Why would a guy like Drew like Roxie anyway? Drew must want something. Hayden’s right. Drew is different. Planet Popular was just the beginning. Part of a bigger world, the Shadow World. 

There’s a war brewing between the world of humans and the world of shadows. When the shadow invasion begins at Roxie’s high school, she’ll not only fight for her life but the lives of her family and friends when she discovers she’s the Shadow Slayer, the one human who can save Earth from the shadow onslaught. But Roxie can’t even kill a spider. 

Oh yeah, there's an evil English teacher, an enchanted play, a sword of Sandonian steel, a homecoming of horrors, and seven magic words too.

Book Trailer:  



I stroke one cheek and then the other with blush and remember standing with Drew at the bonfire. The last night we went out as boyfriend and girlfriend. The last night he was human.

On your 13th birthday, you get the call. By your 14th birthday you find out what the call is.

Everyone I know is in the audience tonight––Ally, Mom, Dad, Brian, even my brother, Mitch, because he came home for my birthday. We’re having our family dinner tomorrow night since tonight the cast party’s at Drew's house, unless I decapitate him first.

“Roxie five minutes,” Hayden yells into the girl’s locker room. As usual I’m the last one out. I sweep my hair up to the side and try to remember my first line. For some reason it’s the one I always forget.

I open locker 316, grab my sword and just as I step outside of the locker room, Wanda runs up to me and starts talking non-stop about her nerves and how they’re getting worse and worse.

“What’s that?” she asks. I stop cold in my tracks at the backstage door.

“There are lots of words for things that don’t exist––the unseen. Like monsters and aliens and dragons and vampires and ghosts,” I say sort of in a trance.

“Yeah, so?” Wanda says, wringing her hands.

“If they don’t exist, why are there words for them? All the stuff I thought was crazy really isn’t crazy at all,” I say, finally getting what Drew was trying to tell me at the bonfire at the estate at homecoming. What the human Drew said before I danced with his shadow. My role in the unseen, the shadow world. Still, I don’t know so many things. Like, what happens to a shadow once I slay it? And where do humans go when their shadows invade? How can I save my human friends?

“Roxie, I caught you! I was so late because Brian’s car got a flat. He fixed it so great, I couldn’t believe it. It’s like he went to badass school or something,” Ally says, laughing.

“Ally. Finally!” We hug. I swallow hard. Brian. Fixed. A. Flat. I mean it’s not brain surgery. But believe me, if it doesn’t have an LCD screen, my brother Brian doesn't think it exists. He doesn’t know how to fix a flat. O.M.G. Brian is probably a shadow too.

About the Author:

As a teenager, Laura’s love for story began in the Amazon where she waterskied with piranha while learning of head hunters and curses. In addition to being a ghost, she’s the author of five books and is a contributor to lifestyle and travel magazines. She has a passion for travel, particularly life at sea, and makes her home in Santa Cruz, CA with her husband, daughters, and their families. No matter the language barrier, perceived danger, altitude, squalls, fashion faux pas, or ingested gluten, she writes to inspire with a focus on journeys of the heart—always on the lookout for great champagne and a pair of red shoes.

You can find her at, @Laurawriting on Twitter, @book_laurasmagicday on TikTok, and on Goodreads too.

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