On the Sixth Day of Creepmas...Easy DIY Batty Canes

I bought these plastic candy canes at Dollar Tree and was trying to figure out a way to creep them out.

As I was digging around in my craft stash I found some wood cut-out bats I used to make ornaments a few years ago. I realized I could use the same size and shape for paper cut-outs to slide the candy cane through.

What I came up with is a ridiculously easy DIY to Goth out your tree for Creepmas.

Cut out paper bats, slip candy canes into them and tada...batty canes.

You can dress them up however you like- use glitter paper for the bats, add skull stickers or embellishments, add bows or ribbon... so easy. 

Here's what you need:

Candy canes- real or fake.

Black craft paper



How to Make Them:

Trace bat stencil onto your black craft paper

Cut out the bats

Fold bat in half

Cut two slits in the middle of the bat, they need to be wide enough for the candy cane to slide through. You may need to test it a few times with the candy cane to make sure they are big enough. You don't want them too big or the bat won't grip the cane and it will just slide around.

Slide candy cane through and position to your liking. 

Hang your batty canes on your tree or display them around your home.

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  1. Brilliant, yet simple, my favorite kind of craft. Those would be a nice way to decorate gifts too.